What you need to know the tourist

National Monetary Unit of the country – French franc, consisting of Santimov. $ 1 is approximately 6.4 franc. Exchange currency in banks working from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00. Currency exchange can also be made at the airport immediately by arrival. In the most extreme case – in hotels, but the course here is usually understated.

To enter the country, the Schengen Visa, issued by the French Embassy in Moscow in Moscow for 7-14 days based on the following documents: the original invitation or fax, medical insurance, passport, two questionnaires and two photos. Consular fee for decoring a one-time tourist visa – $ 28. Visa-free transit is not allowed. For children traveling abroad with one of the parents, a photocopy of birth certificate is needed, power of attorney from another parent for the departure of the child in our and French, certified by the notary.

When passport control pass, you may require a copy of the invitation (upon a private trip), a document confirming the hotel reservation, a return flight is not a sufficient basis for entering the country.

Stores in France work mainly from 9.00 to 19.00. In some stores when purchases in the amount of over 1200 francs (about $ 200), you can get a back some amount – value added tax included in the price. To do this, it is advisable to get in the store "Bordero" – Inventory of purchased goods exported from country, and Tax FREE check, certified by seal. When leaving for money, it is necessary to prevent the Customs check, passport and border. In some cases, customs officers may ask for goods to present.

In order to rent a car in France, it is necessary to have international rights in French or English, passport and credit card. At the same time, the car must be ordered for 48 hours. The average rental cost of the car per day – from 290 francs (including insurance against car hijacking and accidents). Minimum age for car rental – 23 years. In some companies to take "steep" Only persons who have reached the age of 30 can rent. When driving through major cities, especially in Paris, you should be very attentive, since there are many unilateral streets here. For parking a car should also pay, otherwise the violator is waiting for a serious penalty.

Catch a taxi in Paris is not difficult. Travel from the airport "Charles de Gaulle" to Paris (27 km) costs 200-220 francs. From the airport "Orly" (14 km) – about 150 francs. Taxi driver is customary to give tips in the amount of 10-15% of the fare.

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Telephone conversation in France is one franc. It is recommended to use a telephone card that is sold in any tobacco kiosk. From Paris to Russia, you can call, gaining: 19 + 007 + city code + subscriber number. The usual telephone conversation rate with Moscow – about 4.5 franc per minute.

When walking in Paris, especially in the center, it is better to have a photocopy of a passport with you, and the passport itself, money and air ticket storing in a hotel safe. In the case of theft or loss of passport, you should immediately contact the representative of the host company, and then declare that the protocol is happening to the nearest police station, where the protocol will be issued, one copy of which the victim receives. After that, you need to contact the consular department of the our Embassy in Paris. It is desirable that several people come from the tour group with their passports or a representative of the receiving travel agencies with documents with the victims.

When importing pets, it is necessary to have a veterinary certificate with a marking mark against rabies. And the import of puppies and kittens under the age of three months is prohibited.

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