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Most of the territory of China is located in the zone of moderate climate with hot summer and soft winter. However, in the southwest of the country and on the island of Hainan – tropical climate. Colder than all in winter in northeastern China.

Monetary unit of the country – Yuan, equal to ten Mao. $ 1 stands just over eight yuan.

Customs declarations at the entrance to the country are not filled. Restrictions on the import and export of foreign currency does not exist. The export of antiquity objects, which are national heritage, without the relevant permits of the Ministry of Culture of China are prohibited.

Visa can be obtained at the Chinese Embassy in Moscow or consulates located in some our cities, it is drawn up for up to 30 days and costs $ 50. To obtain a visa, a passport and invitation from the host Chinese side. For entry into Hong Kong (now this Chinese province Sianggan) invitation is not required, and the consular fee is $ 30.

Beijing can be reached by regular flights Air China, which flights on Mondays and Thursdays (minimum ticket costs – $ 510), as well as regular flights "Aeroflot" five times a week, except Tuesday and Saturday (ticket cost – $ 430). There are also a flight "Aeroflot" in Shanghai.

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The procedure for passing border control is as simplified as much as possible. The time of the border does not exceed 15 minutes. However, it is necessary to remember the observance of the rules of behavior: it should not be loudly talking, laughing or swing their hands – Chinese border guards may not be wrong to interpret it.

When flying abroad, the airport fee is 90 yuan. On domestic airlines – 50 yuan.

There are no restrictions on the country. However, a special permit is required to visit some mountain areas in Tibet.

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