What you need to know the tourist

To enter Iran, the ours need to receive a visa that can be issued in the embassy in Moscow for 7-14 days. Consular fee is $ 80. To obtain a visa, you must provide a questionnaire, two photos (for women up to 30 years old – must be in the scarf), a valid passport and invitation to the host. In the presence of an Israeli visa, entry into Iran is prohibited. Iranians are well referred to the ours, and therefore problems with a visa, as a rule, does not occur.

National Monetary Unit of the country – Real. $ 1 is 8.7 thousand. Realov. There are practically no exchange offices in the country, however, currency can be changed at Tehran Airport, hotels or banks. It can be illegally in the markets where the course is higher than the official. Accepted and credit cards.

The importation of all types of alcoholic beverages in the country is categorically prohibited. Alcohol cannot be purchased in stores and even hotels. True, you can buy beer, but only non-alcoholic. Practically in Iran acts “dry” law. Violators waiting for a harsh punishment. Leaving the country, each passenger can take with them only one carpet of handmade or two small mats of 12 kV. M.

Foreigners first shocks the travel adopted in the country for men and women in public transport – separately from each other. But the custom, and it should be treated with respect.

Official day off in the country – Friday, when institutions and most shops do not work. They also do not function in the days of national and religious holidays.

What you need to know tourist 7

You can get to Tehran from Mehrabat International Airport on the Express Bus (a ticket costs about 10 cents) or by taxi for $ 5.

Iran – absolutely safe state. By local cities we can easily move at any time of the day. The only negative moment faced here foreigners – Fraud False Police. There are many people in military uniforms on the streets. They may require the presentation of documents and cash. Should be vigilant and in case of any doubt contact the police.

In Iran is not so hot as in neighboring Arab countries. The average temperature of July, the hottest month, in Tehran reaches + 30-32 s, and the average temperature of February, the coldest month, – +3.

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