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To enter the country, citizens of Russia need a visa that can be obtained in the country’s embassy in Moscow. Individual visa costs $ 22, but group (from 5 people) will cost only $ 3 per person. A visa can not get the one who has any marks about the visit to Israel in the passport.

When departing from Jordan, each passenger is obliged to pay the airport fee of $ 15. Groups are exempt from it in the presence of a group entrance visa.

National Monetary Unit of the country – Dinar, consisting of 1000 philles. Although most of the Jordanians prefer to carry out settlements in piars. In one dinar 100 piastra, and 30 piastra are equal to 300 philles. One Jordanian Dinar is approximately 1.5 US dollars.

From Moscow to Amman, the country’s capital, fly on a regular basis twice a week aircraft "Aeroflot", Ticket price – $ 290-340. ROYAL JORDANIAN NATIONAL AVAILAGE APPLICATIONS Do not fly from Moscow for more than a year.

Friday is considered to be official weekends in Jordan, however, many shops stores are Christians, and do not work on Sundays.

Most restaurants include service charges in accounts, and therefore giving tips not necessarily. But if the service cost is not included in the account, the waiters are relying a tip in the amount of 10%. It is also accepted to encourage teas attendants in hotels.

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The best time to visit the country – Spring and Autumn. The rainy season in the north lasts from November to March, but at the Sea Resort Aqaba Summer stands all year round.

Jordanian time lags behind Moscow for one hour. Summer time introduced from April to October.

The most visited and interesting landmark of Jordan – the Nabatie City of Peter, brought by UNESCO in "List of world heritage". It is located 260 km south of Amman, and the entrance ticket is worth $ 30.

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