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In Morocco, the Mediterranean climate for which the dry summer and wet winter is typical. Temperature in the summer reaches 30-35 ° C, and in winter – 15-20 ° C. On the north-western part of the country affects the Atlantic Ocean – the climate is softer here. In the south-east, the proximity of the Sahara desert affects.

To enter the country, citizens of Russia requires a visa. The minimum period of its design is 2 days, the consular fee is $ 12. Tourist visa is issued for up to one month. The original invitation or fax is attached to the request, as well as return tickets.

When passporting passport and customs control in Morocco, patience should be preserved, since all formalities are extremely slow.

You can enter no more than one bottle of strong alcoholic beverages and one bottle of wine. On the import of pagers or mobile phones it is necessary to obtain a special permission before leaving (in place this permission is not possible).

National Monetary Unit of the country – Moroccan Dirham. $ 1 is approximately 9.5 dirhams. The import of foreign currency is not limited, but its walking in the territory of the Kingdom is prohibited. When removing the poor currency, it is necessary to have a bank certificate of exchange.

Morocco – relatively inexpensive, even by our standards, country. Taxi travel cost from the airport to Casablanca (30 km), where flights arrive on Tuesdays "Aeroflot", It is approximately 100 dirhams ($ 10). Travel around the city by taxi – 20-50 Dirhams. Bus ticket – 5-10 Dirhams.

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For telephone communication with Morocco, you must dial: 8-10-212 and further the city code. Telephone code with Russia – 7. One minute of conversation with Moscow will cost approximately 15 dirhams. Cost of a conversation on the telephone machine in Casablanca or Rabat – two dirhams.

Cannot drink water offered by waterpashers on the streets. It is better to use mineral water in bottles.

Official language in Morocco – Arabic. French is widespread, and in the north in the district of the tantarian – Spanish.

What you need to know tourist 5

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