What you need to know the tourist

The national currency of the country is a Maltese Lira, consisting of 100 cents, each of which, in turn, is equal to 100 miles. Currently, 1 LIRA is approximately $ 2.4. There are some restrictions on the import and removal of lire. It is allowed to import up to 50 Maltese lire per person in bills or currency. You can take up to 25 lir. Import of any foreign currency is not limited.

Movement in the country – left-sided (as in the UK and Japan). This should be if you are going to rent a car. When renting a car, you need to make a cash pledge with cash or credit card. Rental of cars is prohibited by persons younger than 25 and over 70 years. International and other driver’s licenses should be certified in police headquarters (Police Headquarters).

Consumption of dogs and cats in Malta is categorically prohibited.

Appear on public beaches without the top of the swimsuit, and even more naked forbidden.

What you need to know tourist 2

Maltese visa worth $ 40 can be obtained in 14 days at the Embassy of the country in Moscow. Either immediately upon arrival at Luka Airport, located 6 km from Valletta. It is worth $ 30 a visa, but only the subjects of Russia and Ukraine can be calculated on it, which are taking licensed Maltese travel agency.

The water temperature in Malta is not even falling below 14 ° C. In July and August, it rises to 24-25 ° C. Being in the sun should not neglect protective creams, especially children. It is recommended to use creams with protection factor (SPF) 12.

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