What you need to know the tourist

It is best to visit Japan in the spring (March-April) or in the fall (October-November). The air temperature at this time is usually not lowered below 17-20 ° C during the day and 10-15 ° C – at night. In the spring and autumn in the country usually passes a variety of holidays. The worst season is summer when it rains, and the temperature reaches +40 degrees.

National Monetary Unit of the country – Yen. $ 1 is 130 yen. Exchange currency is best at the airport, since in hotels there are no more than $ 300 per person, and in banks the exchange procedure is very difficult to bureaucratic formalities.

In hotel rooms you can drink ordinary tap water. In Japan, very strictly followed by sanitary standards.

In Japan – left-sided movement, so there is no point in renting a car for our citizens. The most convenient means of movement – public urban transport. Payment of travel on the subway and bus depends on the duration of the passage. Minimum passage of travel in the subway – 150 yen, in the bus – 220 yen.

"Tips" For services in hotels and taxis is not accepted.

Voltage in the power grid – 120 volts.

Narita International Airport is an hour’s drive from Tokyo. It is best to get from it to the center of the Japanese capital on the express bus "Shuttle Bas".

When departing from the country at the airport, each passenger is obliged to pay for the collection of two thousand yen.

What you need to know tourist 12

The minimum term for obtaining a Japanese visa is 21 days. Consular fee at the same time is 158 rubles. To obtain a visa, support from Japanese partners is required.

The cost of one minute of a telephone conversation with the cities of Russia is about $ 3. Exit to the international line – 001. For calls you need a phone card.

Time difference with Moscow is +6 hours in winter and +5 hours in summer.

Japanese cuisine very specific. National Kitchen dishes are served immediately, but in a variety of set. To begin with, it is recommended to try traditional "sucy" and "SASIMI" (Raw fish dishes), as well "Marble" meat "Kobagu". From drinks It is recommended to try rice vodka "sake", Which drink heated.

Japanese hotels quite road. Three-star hotel that corresponds to the European four-star level, can cost the client at $ 80-100 per night.

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