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To visit the UAE, it is necessary to obtain a visa that can be issued through the host, that is, a travel agency or hotel. As well as through the so-called "Sponsor", that is, a person who has the right to submit an application for a visa and subsequently responsible for those to whom he makes it. Group visa is affixed upon arrival at the airport. Its cost is 100 dirhams (about $ 27). Individuals make a visa or through "Sponsor", either through hotels that much more expensive. At the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow, a visa is issued only to officials or delegations. In the presence of a visa, Dubai can be freely moved along the rest of the emirates, although the return departure must be carried out from the place of arrival. Entry in the UAE is limited only for citizens of Israel.

By arrival of tourists to the Emirates "guarantee" or "sponsor" Usually selects their passports and keeps them until the end of staying in the country. It is a common practice, and there is nothing to be afraid to tourists. Thereby "guarantee" Protects their interests.

Emirates – Muslim country, and should not be forgotten by observing elementary "Eastern" code of Conduct. For example, you should not smoke, eat and drink in the daytime during the month of fasting Ramadan. In the conservative emirate itself, Sharjah, prohibited publicly kissing and hugging, and women walk in short skirts or with bare shoulders. The appearance on the street in a state of severe alcohol intoxication can entail criminal liability or deportation from the country. Pretty high penalty for insulting a woman (under which you can bring light flirting) – 60 thousand. dirham. During the ejection of garbage on the street, a fine is also relying – 3 thousand. dirham.

What you need to know tourist 11

Official day off in the UAE, as in all Muslim countries, – Friday, when institutions and shops do not work.

National Monetary Unit of the country – Dirham – consists of 100 phils. $ 1 is 3.67 dirhama.

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