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Time in Switzerland lags behind Moscow for two hours.

National Monetary Unit of the country – Swiss frak equal to one hundred centimam. For $ 1, you can clarify about 1.5 Swiss franc. Import and export of national and foreign currency is not limited.

To enter the Swiss Confederation, citizens of Russia should have a visa, which is drawn up in the embassy in Moscow from two to seven days. An original invitation or fax visa is attached to the visa request. In the embassy, ​​may ask to make a ticket and medical insurance. Consular fee for visa design – $ 30. Visa-free transit is not allowed.

When departing from the country, a foreign citizen may return the value added tax, equal to about 6.5%. Foreign tourist has the right to return tax in cash when purchases worth more than 500 Swiss francs. To do this, you need to get when buying a special check of duty free trade (Tax Free Shopping Cheque).

According to Swiss, the most popular museum of the country – the Museum of Transport in Lucerne. In second place – Botanical Garden in Geneva, on the third – Medieval Schilon Castle on the shores of Geneva Lake. The most famous zoo is located in Basel.

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Having a universal travel pass in his pocket – Swiss Pass, you can move almost all over Switzerland without restrictions. The specially created SWISS Travel System system includes federal railways, lake fleet, long-distance buses, public transport in most cities. There is a discount card SWISS Card, giving the right to a 50 percent discount when buying tickets and two free trips. Any of the free moves must be per day.

Every year, dozens of different music festivals are held in Switzerland, tens of thousands of music lovers come. Classic lovers come to Lucerne or Gshtad. Famous jazz festivals are held in Montre. Widely known Film Festival in Locarno Passing Open-Sky.

Switzerland Pretty expensive country. For example, the cost of traveling one kilometer by taxi is 3 franc (about $ 2). The minimum fare in public transport – about $ 1. The cost of one minute of a telephone conversation with Moscow – about $ 3. A minute of local telephone conversation is rated a little more than 40 cents. For a conversation on the phone, you need to purchase a phone card cost 5, 10 or 20 francs.

What you need to know tourist 10

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