What you need to know the tourist

National Monetary Unit of Slovakia – Crown, consisting of a hundred gallery. $ 1 is approximately 40-42 krons. Any convertible currency can be changed on Czechoslovak crowns in exchange offices or banks working daily, except Sunday (on Saturdays – up to 12.00). Money is more profitable to exchange in exchange offices, as in banks a course below.

Tips in restaurants make up about 10% of the account value. Give them or not – on the conscience of the tourist. *** One minute of a telephone conversation with Moscow from the hotel in Slovakia will cost 50-55 kroons. Talking on the phone card is cheaper by about 30%. Cost of the conversation within the country – 2 crowns, access to your mobile phone – 6 crowns.

Traveling by car in the country – the pleasure is not cheap due to the high cost of fuel: one liter of gasoline in Slovakia costs about $ 1. Take a car for rent in Slovakia just. True, only local firms are offered this service. Famous international companies such as Avis or Buget, do not work in Slovakia. Offer usually "Skoda Felicia" or "Skoda Octavia" At the rate of $ 35 per day. Cash is accepted for payment, but the credit card is required in the form of a collateral.

All stores work daily, except Sunday. Products are usually from 7.00 to 19.00, others – from 9.00 to 18.00 or 19.00.

What you need to know the tourist

our citizens coming to Slovakia for up to 30 days, the visa is not needed. But on the border may be asked to make money necessary for accommodation (at the rate of $ 15 per day) and buying a return ticket.

Slovakia – rather cheap European standards Country. Lunch with beer in the restaurant will cost an average of $ 4-5. Room rate at the middle class hotel – $ 25-30. One kilometer for taxi – 20-30 kroons. Public transport ticket – 7-16 kroons.

For the use of lifts on the Slovak resorts, it is necessary to additionally pay a very large amount. For example, one-day use of lifts at the Schtrbsk spa Pleso will cost 490 kroons per adult (approximately $ 12), or 390 kroons (just over $ 9) for a child. It is more profitable to buy a weekly Ski-Pass, standing about $ 60 per adult, and about $ 50 – for children.

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