What you need to know the tourist about the Canaries

Airplanes from Russia arrive at Tenerife International Airport – South. Direct flights from Moscow only charter ($ 450- $ 500). The ideas are expressed that the charter from Moscow will be extended to the Gran Canaria, but for now there is no. If you fly from Moscow to Tenerife, then you will have to fly off the local airline on the plane, and not from the southern airport, but from the North, which is inconvenient. Therefore, it is better to fly to the Gran Canaria through Madrid: first on the plane "Aeroflot" (good prices), then – "Iberia" (5 flights per day). An even cheaper flight of KLM airline from Moscow or St. Petersburg through Amsterdam (about $ 380), but on the way back will have to spend the night in Amsterdam (the hotel fees is included in the ticket price).

In November 1999 for $ 1, a maximum of 152 peels were given. Menent currency is more profitable in exchange offices that are open in tourist areas every day from 9 to 20 and even up to 22. The only rule when exchanging – besides the course, still carefully to watch the inscription on the point: No Commission. Otherwise, the commission percentage may be unpleasant. An extremely unfavorable course at the airport, where when exchanging is held up to 15 percent of the amount. A little better course at hotels, but also to exchange large amounts are irrational.

Tourist visa for a period of 30 days is issued without problems. Now at the Embassy of Spain there are no queues, the system works "Visa". If you act through the travel agency, a visa usually makes a week (at least 3-4 days), if you receive yourself – two weeks. Unfortunately, the usual visa does not give the opportunity to go on a day excursion to Morocco or Senegal, where tourists with Canar are allowed without visas, but back the Spaniards will not be allowed – the usual visa is designed only for one-time crossing of the border.

Roads on the islands are excellent, accidents are small. Solid fences are installed on the mountain roads, but the driver’s serious craftsmanship will require a serious winding lift, otherwise they do not disperse with the counter bus. Rules: Do not ride in the mountains in rainy weather – local does not go;
On a narrow highway on a steep turn, slow down and signal;
Pedestrians pass always and everywhere, here it is so accepted. This is another confirmation that Canaras – Europe. But – Europe South: Chanager pedestrians calmly move the street on red light.

On autobahn (free!) permissible speed – 120 kilometers per hour. On ordinary roads – 100, if there is no sign on limitations. If you exceed the speed, make the left turn there, where it is impossible, the road police appears, although you can ride a week and not to see a single policeman. Canara – offshore zone, so gasoline is cheap enough – 80 peasters liter. The usual price of the car per day is $ 30- $ 35 with insurance, "Toyota" with air conditioning – $ 70, "Mercedes" – $ 100.

To call Russia is better from the machine (0-0-7 + city code), any coins (more convenient for 100 peasters) or telephone cards 1000 and 2000 peashes; minute – 170 peasses, after 21 hours a discount acts, and then a minute – 100 peasses. Call from the hotel is much more expensive, there are no discounts and the minimum time is three minutes.

In Tenerife and Grand Canaria, the bus transport – and urban, and long-distance. To get somewhere to get, you can contact the passing and say "Uaua" (Guaguas), making an emphasis on the letter "a", and call the place where you want to get. Passerby will show the stop, and if he does not know himself, he will ask some more passerby. Canary, especially in small towns, very hospitable, and many tourists tell how completely random people were accompanied.

Travel in the city – 125 Pest, travel for ten trips – 700 peashes. Ticket can be bought from the driver – go to the front door, stretch the money and take the ticket carved out of the box. The passage is bought at the station or in the kiosk at the bus stop, it must be processed in another cashier, which is also located near the driver.

What you need to know the tourist about the Canaries

Buses belong to various companies. They go exactly, quickly, and on popular lines like Maspalomas Las Palmas – often, in twenty minutes, and at night – every hour.

Travel from Las Palmas to South Islands – 560 PESET. Approximately the same prices and Tenerife.

In international zones of Canary airports of shops "duty free" No – there are externally similar stores with a good set of goods, but the prices are above the shop one and a half – three times.

The remaining pastes can be spent on relatively cheap souvenirs, alcohol or cacti in souvenir plates. With large dollar bills in these stores, it is better not to do – recalculate on the local currency goes on the robbing rate, in addition, and give letters. Airports – the only place in Canary, where the sellers are cheerful and rude, if their scam is noticeable.

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