What you need to know the tourist about Curaçao?

Many tried the famous Blue Curaçao or Cocktails Liquor, in which he enters. Few people know what they called him in honor of the exotic island of Curaçao. Almost no one knows that this island is part of the state from Western Europe.

Curaçao – Exotic Tropical Island. Included in the group of Antille Islands. He has a younger brother – Small Curacao, tiny uninhabited island located nearby. Located not far from the shores of the Venezuelan State Falcon. Its dimensions of only 16 by 64 kilometers. Currently compete two versions of the origin of the name, both Spanish, the first from – "CURA" – Healing, the second – "Corazn" – a heart that, because of the error of the Portuguese Cartograph, turned into Curacao.

Since 2010 – self-governing public education. It is in the composition Kingdom of the Netherlands. Capital – Resort Villemstad. Netherlands – the official language, but most of the population speaks on Padkamento, in the course also Spanish and English. Currency – Netherlands Antille Gulden. Religion – Catholicism. To visit the country, you need a visa (kingdom of the Netherlands or Schengen) and insurance. Very unusual architecture of the capital – multicolored Dutch houses in a tropical paradise under palm trees.

Climate Passat. All year round on the island is hot and sunny, And thanks to the trade winds, heat and humidity are carried very well. In winter, the temperature does not fall below 24 degrees, in the summer it does not fall below 27 degrees. Not much rainy period falls on autumn. The island lies outside the internal convergence zone, that is, destructive tropical hurricanes here practically does not happen.

The relief island is the most different – from the sandy coast of the rugged south-side bays to the huge cliffs of North. There is even Mount Sint-Christoffelberg. Her height of 372 meters is the highest point on the island.

Curaçao – Paradise for cacti, their here hundreds of species, but the symbol is a divi-divi tree. This is a small, curved at the angle of ninety degrees and indicating strictly west, a tree from the family of legumes. A dangerous plant, near which a warning plate is always exhibited, is a mancinellular tree – it is poisonous, and the fruits look like apples. In the National Park Reserve – Christoffel Park and in the reserve Sheight Boca Fear of pink flamingos, flock of white deer, the dolphins are frolic in coastal waters, huge sea turtles and iguana are heated on the sunshine.

On Curaçao Gorgeous Beaches with Sand Sand and Palmies, there is even a special beach for nudists. If you get tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can ride a hydrocycle, engage in kaiting, windsurfing, snorkeling or diving – because from all sides the island surround the magnificent coral reefs with their amazing inhabitants, there are two sunken vessels, one of which is "Superior Producer", Visit Oceanarium. If we have a tired water vacation, you can go down to fantastically beautiful caves of Hato, climb to the review tower of the Crystoff Parc, go to the maritime museum, to taste the Curaçao liqueur on the village of Senor, look at Aloe Plantation and even ride out of ostrich.

It is recommended to warn your bank that fly to the caribbeans so as not to block the bank card, on the island &# 8211; rent a car. Before the trip, do not forget to take a rosette adapter, repellents and sunscreen.

What you need to know the tourist about Curaçao

On the island is enough safely. Of course, this does not mean that you can not close the hotel room or rented the car, leave a handbag with documents and money unattended – no one is insured from the vorays.

Curasao kitchen – blend Dutch and Creoles, which is especially manifested in a huge number of delicious fish and seafood dishes, less &# 8211; from meat: lamb, birds, pork, beef and even iguana. Cactus, Papaya, Bananas, Guava, Coconuts, Calocation Leaves, Local Spices, Seasonings and Sauces are popular. Various legumes and grain, or a mixture thereof, for example, rice and peas or peas and grain. All this is unusual, but surprisingly fresh and tasty.

The most popular souvenir, of course, Curas LikerO &# 8211; Island symbol, unique souvenir &# 8211; Chichi doll, painted personally. All the territory of the island is a duty-free zone, there are many Duty Free shops, shopping centers, small shops, there is even a floating market. Bank cards are accepted for payment almost everywhere, local gulders, euros and dollars are accepted from cash. Removing cash in an ATM can be a problem.

Digging drop – in the very center of the island there is a huge refinery, however, with "clean technologies".

What you need to know the tourist about Curaçao

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