What you need to know the tourist about Cambodia

Virgin beaches, impassable tropical jungle, ancient monuments and the legendary temple complex Angkor Wat, which has become a place of filming of the famous blockbuster about the adventures of Lara Croft, combined with democratic prices for food and entertainment sitting in Cambodia a lot of tourists from around the world.

Tourist season

In Cambodia, a tropical monsonic climate, which is characterized by high humidity rates. Summer season lasts from May to October, winter &# 8211; From November and to April. It should be noted that in winter in Cambodia is warm enough and comfortable &# 8211; Air temperature ranges from 22-26 degrees. The season of storm rains in the country begins in May and ends in September.

Cambodian hotel base cannot be called great, but there is a sufficient number of decent hotels related to different categories in the country. Hotel service in Cambodia is at a good level and fully meets the level of the hotel’s star. Tourists who intend to stay in three-star hotels should take into account the fact that in most city hotels in this category have no pool. However, in the rooms of these hotels, tourists will find everything you need – free Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning and minibar.

National cuisine

Traveling around Cambodia, tourists must necessarily taste local dishes, the basis of which makes meat, fish, rice, vegetables and greens, and in southern regions – seafood. Cambodian cuisine is rich in soups that remind Thai dishes, however differ from them less sharpness. Special interest among travelers cause Cambodian soft drinks, such as Sonong, which is a tincture of seeds of the same name plant, palm juice and sugar cane juice. Beer lovers will be interested to try the products of local brewers, the taste of which is somewhat different from the traditional. Gourmets will surely delight restaurants, where exotic dishes from spiders, snakes, sparrows, turtles and frogs will be prepared for them.

What you need to know the tourist about Cambodia

Cash tourist money

Going on a journey through Cambodia, tourists should take care to have cash with money, as it is impossible to cash off travelers and credit cards in provincial cities. Bank cards take to pay only in large hotels located in the capital and big cities. At the same time, tourists do not have to change the currency in Cambodian Reliele, since in Cambodia you can pay American dollars.

Traveling around Cambodia, tourists should not forget about their safety, because after the partisan wars, who shook the country in the past, a lot of firearms remained in their hands. Therefore, travelers are not recommended to leave alone hotel in the dark, as well as wear large amounts of cash, dear decorations and valuable items.

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