What you need to know, going to Japan, in Cuba and in Serbia

After the opening of flights with these three countries, many tourists seriously thought about their visiting. However, trips there – have a number of pitfalls that we will tell about in this material.

Japan: tourist visas are not issued yet

All three, a flight announced by Rosaviation to Tokyo, at least in the first stage – There are non-neuristic. The fact is that in April, the National Security Council of Japan has introduced restrictions, suspending the action of almost all types of visas. During the coronacrisis of turvisses, the ours into the country of the rising sun were not issued and still – their extradition is not carried out.

Thus, as before, having received a tourist visa in the consulate, fly to Japan will not work. However, some categories of ours entry into the country is still allowed. First of all, we are talking about persons with a special document «Certificate of ELigibility». Such a certificate can serve as a basis for issuing a student visa, so there is some chance for a trip to Tokyo have our students studying in Japan.

In addition, even during the coronacrisis period, persons who go there in a short business journey or for the purpose of sports or cultural exchange can go to the country. Citizens who have received the right to enter should have a certificate of negative test on the coronavirus, obtained within 72 hours before the flight. Upon arrival, they will be held another PCR check already at Tokyo Airport. And even with all the same, ours will oblige to leave 14 days on self-insulation.

Cuba: For foreigners only some regions are open

Others on July 1, Cuba allowed foreign tourists to live at five resorts located on the Islands of Cayo-Coco, Kayo-Largo, Kayo-Cruz, Kayo-Guillermo and Kayo-Santa Maria. Similarly, visited natural quarantine, since «Basic» Islands these land plots are separated by straits.

Most recently, local authorities opened resorts for foreigners, located on the Cuba itself: accommodation at the Varadero resort is available from October 15, and in Olgin – from October 22. At the same time, the rule is preserved, allowing foreign tourists to move exclusively within the province where rest passes. Therefore, make an excursion to Havana or another big city of the island of freedom – until it turns out.

What you need to know, going to Japan, in Cuba and in Serbia

To visit Cuba, the visa is not needed, but it will be necessary to present a medstrash, covering in T.C. Treatment of coronavirus infection. Upon arrival at the airport, foreigners pass PCR verification, but it is free, because Cuban medicine still retains some socialist features.

Serbia: You can enter absolutely free

Surprisingly, but Belgrade did not establish practically no serious entry restrictions for foreigners in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. More precisely, they are, but concern citizens of exclusively neighboring states, among which the our Federation, a clear thing, does not include.

Thus, to visit Serbia, the ours will not even need to make a negative result of the PCR test, not to mention the passage of quarantine. Entrance to the Balkan country for us – Unlessless.

What you need to know, going to Japan, in Cuba and in Serbia

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