What you need to know, flying first time by plane

Waiting for the first flight by plane, even if you are an ordinary passenger, not a pilot, always very exciting. After all, this is not a bus landing or even a train. Landing the plane preceded several other important stages, and everything under the careful observation of the security service.

Here is the airport where to go? What to do with luggage? Where to get a boarding pass? What can you take on board? Where to wind the bags of the film? If I often breathe and reddished from excitement, they will arrest me? If you are interested in all these questions, then read more.

At first, better come to the airport in advance &# 8211; it is 2 or 3 hours before departure. Upon arrival, you can first wind the bags that give up the luggage film, unless, of course, you did not do it at home. At the airport it is paid. After that, You need to look at what racks there is registration for flight. This can be done on large screens that necessarily have in every airport in the waiting room. On these screens, you need to find your flight towards the flight and flight time, or by flight number, and remember the number of racks, to one of which will have to come. Also, the monitors are smaller over each of the racks, as a rule, show the logo of the airline and the flight number is written.

At the reception, you will need an employee of documents and a ticket. In return, the boarding pass will be issued, naturally, with the return of documents. By the way, with me you can have only a passport. Have a paper ticket not necessarily. Passenger information will be in the computer. But the ticket is still better printed, t.To. Information from it may require. Not to write it from her hand in a notebook, in fact. Luggage also gives the reception. With me, only what will be taken on board. Employee weighs the bags and checks that they match the standards. If the size or weight is greater than the norm, it will be necessary to pay extra in accordance with the tariffs.

What you need to know, flying first time by plane

When the luggage is delivered and the boarding card is obtained, it is time to say goodbye and Pass to the "Duty Free" zone. Here they allow strictly passengers who registered and expect flight. And yes, "Duty Free" is a zone without a duty trade with various shops and cafes. To get there, nUnder the remaining things on the tape will be. If there is a laptop in the bag, it will have to get it and put on the tape separately. Then it is necessary go through a special frame. Repeated submission of landing documents may be required.

You can not take with you on board you can not have nothing to threaten the security of other passengers. This can be attributed to the items that do not represent any threat at first glance: Corkscrew, saws and nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, dangerous razor, folding knife and t.D. Perfume and deodorants can also withdraw. The list may differ slightly. Such objects are better to immediately pass into the luggage, because if the corkscrew will find a corkscrew, it’s just thrown out.

So, all checks are passed, the phrasebook in the shop "Duty Free" bought. The most recent It remains to find the right way out for a plane. The output number will be indicated on the landing coupon. Better not to move away. At the output it will be necessary to once again show documents and coupon. Then passengers sit in a special bus, which will take to the plane, where everyone meets polite and good flight attendants.

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