What you need to know by going to rest?

We dream about vacation every day, being in the workplace &# 8211; About, how and where we spend it, in whose companies, and what sights we can see. Due to the fact that now exit, the abroad has become available to a wide circle of people, increasingly our citizens take travel abroad.

And it is fine, but we must not forget that leaving abroad, we become more vulnerable &# 8211; We do not always know the customs and laws of the country in which we are, and the language barrier can play a keen joke with those who got into trouble in someone else’s state. And troubles can be the most different &# 8211; Starting from the disease and ending the alarm of documents and money. No one is insured against any other, so all the risks should be minimized so that only pleasant memories remain.

Collecting suitcases on the journey, we We think only about pleasant &# 8211; about how we will be well lying on the beach, or inspect the ruins of old cities. Being on vacation, man is usually relaxed, calm and inattentive. However, it is impossible to forget that crime exists and abroad, and therefore kidnap your documents and money attackers can at any time. Therefore, going on a trip is extremely important to take care of the safety and documents and cash. The following simple recommendations are advised to comply with theft to protect themselves:

  • Money on the trip should be taken in the form of cash, and on bank cards (find out in advance whether there will be no problems with the removal of cash from the card in the country where you go). At the same time, keep the card and money follows separately from each other. Leave a large amount of cash and credit cards (as well as any other valuable things) in the hotel room is not worth. The hotel is not responsible for the safety of valuable things in the rooms, so better Place them in the hotel’s safe. Also, in the hotel’s safe, you should store your documents, and with you should have copies of passports, in case you are asked to present documents.
  • Naturally, going for a walk, you will need take with you a certain amount of cash &# 8211; to visit cafes, museums, shops and t.D. Inspecting local attractions, your attention will be scattered. Therefore, in order for you for a walk you do not have stole money, it is desirable to keep them in a special wallet, which hangs on the neck and hides under the clothes (or, the option of a wallet belt, which can also be hidden by clothes). Either if you go on a journey not in summer, money can be stored In the inner top pocket jacket or jacket &# 8211; this is the most hard-to-reach place for thieves.
  • What you need to know by going to rest
  • We all know that it is impossible to leave luggage unattended (at the airport or at the railway station). At the same time, very often, if we travel some, We ask you to look after our travelers. However, here should be very attentive. Fellow travelers &# 8211; These are the people we see for the first time in life and even if it seems to you that they can be trusted, think well: all scammers have a big charm and know how to quickly have people. Who will give you a guarantee that your fellow traveler &# 8211; honest man? From your baggage can not only steal something, but also to put any prohibited items. So if you go on a journey one, try not to take a lot of things with you &# 8211; Ideally, you should take only one bag that you could hold all the time with you.

Being abroad, the worst thing is not even money, but documents. Yet, you have paid a trip, there is a return ticket, so, without money you are more or less can do it (as a last resort, money can send you relatives). But what to do, If documented documents, in particular, passport? Their recovery will take a mass of time and will be associated with a large number of problems.

To reduce them, you should immediately contact the tourist firm, who sent you on the trip &# 8211; For this, you must have with you all the details of this organization. Speaking about the details of the tour operator, I would immediately want to mention the need to have coordinates of the coordinates of the tour operators providing assistance to tourists that can get from the official source of rosturism (on the site or by phone) &# 8211; This data is needed in case the troubles will already be specifically with your tour operator.

Then you should contact Local police department (His address can be found at the hotel administration), for receiving a certificate about the passport loss. After that, you should contact the consulate of your country, where you will help get a certificate for going home (provided that you have documents confirming your citizenship &# 8211; passport). If there is no civilian passport, Written testimony will be required two citizens of your country; Or, the consulate will have to send a request to their homeland, to confirm your citizenship, and only after this issue a certificate of departure. Thus, the procedure is not an easy, and with the worst spread &# 8211; also very long (besides, there is no consulates in all cities). That’s why ensure the safety of documents abroad &# 8211; The primary task of each tourist.

The second problem after saving and documents, It is an opportunity to ill. We, of course, we assume that we will have new forces on vacation, while forgetting that flight to another country, with another climate, is stress for the body, and it becomes more susceptible to infections. If on the trip you went through a ticket from travel agency, then you will definitely issue a medical policy. Well, and if you go to abroad on your own initiative, then you should make a policy independently. When executing the policy, it should be carefully familiar with the conditions for its provision, in particular, with the presence or absence of a franchise (T.E. need for a tourist independently pay part of the treatment costs).

In contrast to all other documents, Policy should always be with you and if necessary &# 8211; If you get sick, call the number indicated in it. It is necessary to make it necessary, as it is only this way, you will know what you need to do next (if necessary, the service service will contact the hospital). remember, that Only service center workers will be able to clarify you the right procedure for action in a similar situation.

Of course, provide all the problems that may arise abroad &# 8211; impossible. But if you follow the elementary safety rules &# 8211; both for yourself and for your property, as well as know what to do in an extreme situation, rest will always be pleasant.

What you need to know by going to rest

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