What you need to know by going to Nha Trang?

Nha Trang City located in the southeastern part of Vietnam, takes seven kilometers of the beautiful sea bay, one of the most beautiful in the world. 440 kilometers is the city of Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang in the our version, in Vietnamese it is very interesting to pronounce, so in tourist directories you can meet different options for the name of this city.

Nyachang population is about 400 thousand people. Town got his name from the local river Yacan, is the administrative center of Khanjoa Province. This includes a territory of 250 square kilometers from rural settlements and nearby islands.

Main Nha Trang Street is the route number 1, crosses the entire coast of the sea from the south to north. Business, residential and tourist quarters stretched along the shores of the beautiful bay with accession to the sea in the north, picturesque islands and the seaport of Kauda in the south.

From the port are conducted organized sea walks on the islands. The depth of the lagoon allows mooring at the same time by cargo ships, large cruise liners, a variety of different ships.

Accommodation for overnight

The advantage of nurse is that its main Tourist areas are located in the area of ​​the streets of Hung Vyong and beats Thu. The whole tourist area with hotels and entertainment, also nightlife, is located in one place, and the local population &# 8211; opposite. This gives the opportunity to rest experience comfort and freedom, without interfering with the dimension of local life.

Accommodation here is provided to various financial capabilities and the state of comfort. Most hotels are located near the sea and the beach. On the Bamboo Island, you can book a room in a prestigious hotel luxury complex for holidays and tourists Vinpearl. There can be reached on the cable car in small trays. They are very often sent from the seaport.


In Nha Trang Most tourists come on Open-Tour buses from the south. Bus stops are made near the main travel firms and companies. Others get to the city on railway transport.

A small city airport is mainly connected with Big Camryn airport located south of Nha Trang. Route and shuttle buses go there.

On Lenin Bus Station (Ben Xe Lien Tinh) Large flight buses come from other parts of Vietnam. There is a bus station near Pagoda Lon Schoni near the railway station.

If you need to quickly get to the right place, hire motels or Welliksh. Price by agreement from 10,000 dong. You can rent a motorbike for independent movement for 5-8 dollars a day.

For boats, organized by tourist firms, tourists in the port and back to the hotel are delivered for free. The firm that sold you holidays in this city, delivers tourists from the hotel to the bus station at the end of the term.

Features of movement

Very important moment to pay attention to, it Transition of passage parts. In Vietnam, no one respects, as such, road rules, while there is practically no accidents. Even no one will miss you on the pedestrian crossing.

Cars in Vietnam not so much. The most common transport – Motobike. It is recommended to skip cars and start switching, and drivers on motorbikes will easily open. Stand on the edge of the carriageway, wait for you while you will miss, does not make sense, there are practically no traffic lights in Nha Trang.

If a police officer is on duty nearby and see that you can not move the road, he will stop motion. It is not recommended for women in Vietnam wearing handbags on the shoulder, as it happens that the motorcyclists break the bags.


Vietnamese currency called Dong. Vietnam &# 8211; the country of millionaires and at first not habitually see price tags in several dozen or hundreds of thousands, but over time you get used to it. Even 5-10 thousand dongs in Vietnam nothing to buy.

Donong rate to the dollar is not high &# 8211; for 100 dollars you get about 2250000 dong. You can exchange money at the hotel in the banking rate, as well as in many stores, street exchange offices. The most profitable course is usually in jewelry stores. Covers from 10,000 dongs plastic, do not wet, you can safely water.

Beaches and resorts

Beaches occupy almost all the city coast. One of the most comfortable and beautiful is considered Honchong surrounded by mountains covered with greens, white clean sand. The beaches are at the disposal of municipalities, so you can enter them free, the use of the services is paid.

With the smallest swimming in the sea you need to be careful because In the local waters there are changing marines that can be strong enough. Do not swim on the recommended zones.

Local resorts provide unique Treatment with mud in combination with mineral water – Souls and pools, Baths, Jacuzzi. This treatment has a beneficial effect on the state of the skin and metabolism, restores the nervous system, improves the musculoskeletal, immune system.

What you need to know by going to Nha Trang

Climate and weather

In Nha Trang, a very favorable climate and weather – The sun shines almost year-round, the temperature is not below 23 degrees. Storm and hurricanes do not affect these places, as the Mountains of Chiong Sean and the passage of them securely defend them. Because of this, there are fewer rainfall here.

The best time for rest is the period from February to September. Winter months in the Cold and temperature region drops to 20 degrees. At this time, you can even in this quiet bay observe storms and rains.


Of the main historical and cultural monuments of Nha Trang, are of interest: the oldest millennial Pagoda Longosh, Museum of rare marine creatures, inhabited in the South China Sea at the Oceanographic Institute-Reserve of Honmoon Island, sources of mineral waters, picturesque waterfalls outside the city limits, Sacred for local people Earth &# 8211; Mishon.

Buddhism, Hinduism and several Christian religions are confirmed in the country. All these religions have their own shrines, temples. At the hill of Tyutkhui is Buddhist temple with the statue of the Sitting Buddha. 152 steps of stairs lead to it. Entrance to the temple throughout the day – free.

You can see the ancient cham temples, Pagoda We are Fat Hoh Hoy and 14 meter statue of the White Buddha from the observation platform near the city. From the cliff Honchong perfectly visible panorama of the whole city.


You can have fun in Nha Trang the most different ways from hiking excursions in the city to fishing and diving on the islands. Especially the island of Hon Tre, where not only the hotel has a complex, but also a wonderful entertainment center, a park, with attractions, night disco.

In restaurants, Cafe Vietnam Pretty big portions, so the first time you are not used to it, it is not recommended to order a lot, just do not eat. A large selection of seafood dishes are offered. In large quantities you will prepare scallops, shrimps, cuttlefish, lobster, mackerel, lobsters, tuna other seafood.

There is a lot of baroque, cafes, restaurants, massage and spa salons, diving centers around the coast. Night entertainment available only in the tourist part of the city. Another part of the city falls asleep from 23 o’clock.

Nyachan visits many our-speaking tourists. Some of them enjoy sex services of local sex salons. It requires special caution, since flourishes fraud and frank theft, Especially lonely pushing men.

Vietnamese are very friendly and smiling, be sure to visit this wonderful and beautiful country. The excellent combination of the sea coast, climate, mountain air, the flavor of the local population, traditions and beliefs, encourages to schedule regular holidays in the unique city of Nha Trang in Vietnam.

What you need to know by going to Nha Trang

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