What you need to know before traveling to Philippine City Crown Town

The crown remains charming Rybatsky town, In recent years, the tourism industry has really gained popularity. With a lot of nearby beach and sea entertainment to choose from, it is not difficult to understand why scuba stakes line up to enjoy this exciting event.

Several Powerless Japanese ships make dives on sunken world-class ships, and because of the exquisite surrounding islands, excursions on the islands is also a trip.

In the crown tauna, you can do shopping in the public market, Visit souvenir shops and inspect City Square. The position of this bizarre city, which is the starting point for all nearby entertainment, makes it an ideal place for several days.

If the tourist reveals the desire to learn more about the city itself, its history, culture and traditions of local residents, he will receive a proposal about excursions for a whole day or half a day. Fine Hot Springs Maquinit with salted water and sunset panorama from the observation deck Mountains Tapias in combination with all the possibilities for diving and snorkeling, After all, it makes a visit to the Crown Town unforgettable and useful journey.

Neighboring Island Crown Town, amazing Busouang, Both of them have natural reserves with green flora. Majestic Black Rocks and Pure Emerald Water will leave unforgettable impressions.

When you can visit the crown Town

Ideal time to visit Coron Tauna – Dry Summer season from October to mid-June. Nearby places for diving offer good visibility from May to November, when there are no plankton in the waters. The rainy season lasts from mid-June to September, and in connection with this, the visibility of the waters deteriorates noticeably.


What you need to know before traveling to Philippine City Crown Town

Food in restaurants Crown Town requires patience and understanding from customers. The relaxed way of life of this strange city means that Service is relaxed and slow.

Due to the fact that most of the products and ingredients are imported, the full menu is not always available, and the food is not so cheap as in other cities on phillipins. There are no popular American fast food networks in the city, and it offers a decent combination of both local and European dishes.

For those who want to save on food, delicious fresh products can be bought on a busy crown market, which works daily. Be sure to try local fruits, I e how fruit cashews, apples, coconut, jackfruct and juicy mango.

How to examine the city

There is no taxi in the city, Therefore, the movement was made possible by conventional three-wheeled bikes, which are rented at every turn. Walking around the city as well Motorcycle or Scooter Rental – Also simple ways of self-studying in the Crown Town. Method of movement can be rented from 2 hours to several days. Rentals are permissible and local residents take travelers passport as insurance reliable deposit.

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