What you need to know about travel during a pandemic?

Until now, some countries have not discovered entry due to a pandemic. The world continues to fight coronavirus, so we decided to write an article on how to prepare for traveling and what you need to know during the trip.

Autumn 2020. The number of infected began to increase, so it is important to make a report that the appearance of the virus and the development of the disease is an unexpected situation.

It is important to determine where you want to go rest, because it is important to familiarize yourself with the restrictions in the country where you want to go.

Most countries have not yet removed the restrictions and completely banned entry to foreign citizens. Russia began to restore flights only at the end of summer 2020 g. Of course, now restrictions are gradually being removed, and there are about 30 countries where you can go on a trip. But it is important to find out information about which rules exist when entering a particular country.

Where can I fly from the our Federation now and what is needed for this

Of course, Turkey is in the top of the countries, since there is enough to pass the test, which, with a negative indicator, will miss the country. But in this country now there is a hard mask mode, so it must be borne in mind and take with you the means of individual protection.

In second place is Tanzania, since there is also needed only the result of the test to coronavirus and filling up a certain documentation about his health.

In addition to these countries, you can go to Maldives, Serbia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom, Egypt, Czech Republic, Japan.

If you suddenly decided to go to the UK, keep in mind that having arrived in the country, you will have to serve a two-week quarantine or pay a fine in the area of ​​$ 1000. If the UK is a change in transplant, then the insulation does not need to be observed.

In Japan, entry is allowed only with business goals, for which it is also necessary to have a negative test for coronavirus and isolation for a period of 14 days.

What you need to know about travel during a pandemic

Czech Republic is open only for those who need treatment. And also there can be hit only if you have relatives there.

It is possible to get to Kazakhstan only on a negative test to Coronavirus, or to serve a two-week quarantine already in the country itself.

In the United Arab Emirates need a certificate with a negative test to coronavirus and insurance, which will be able to cover the cost of treatment if you suddenly get sick. At the time of arrival, ours also re-pass the Coronavirus test and install the application with geolocation so that you can track movement in the case of infection.

Switzerland passes to himself only if you have a residence permit or you are a citizen of Switzerland. 14-day isolation also operates.

Therefore, the most simple for visiting are now Turkey, Tanzania, Maldives and Serbia. These countries need only a negative Coronavirus test and your good mood.

What you need to know about travel during a pandemic

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