What you need to know about the place where you go on vacation?

What attracts vacationers resorts, sanatoriums, tourist bases and other holiday destinations? Some are famous for beautiful nature, in others you can spend a great time, buy and sunbathe, there are places where unique architectural monuments are located. In a quiet cozy place, it is pleasant to relax from a noisy city, to stay away from service problems, stay alone with them. And about each of these listed places where you are going to get on vacation, the information should be exhaustive.

Wherever planned to go, the first thing you need to know: how to get there and how much the trip will cost. To do this, there are cards for which it is easy to make a route and determine the cost of travel.

If you are planning to visit, for example, in the summer Germany by car, then collect information about the weather for the trip, find out which currency is valid in a country where it is preferable to make the measurement of currency.

You need to know the list and the number of duty-free wire in the country, as well as a list of products that are forbidden to import there. In Germany, a well-developed transport network, both long-distance and interregional. The trip by car on wonderful highways will leave an indelible impression on fastest ride lovers.

Very useful information about the hours of work of shops, supermarkets. You need to decide in advance which attractions are attended by all tourists to draw up their own opinion. What dishes should be enjoyed, because Germany is famous for sausages and beer. Tourists should know that in Germany, a handshake is taken, even with women. To visit guests, a gift is needed in the form of a box of candies or flowers, for children – sweetness or toy. Also need to know that About migrants, swastika and third Reich talk to the Germans.

You wanted Visit the Far East, admire its beauty and evaluate the pristine of nature, scope and latitude of the our land. This trip should be prepared especially carefully, to foresee everything up to the smallest detail.

There may not be opportunities to purchase the necessary thing in the store, if you are not in the administrative center. When planning a trip, it is very important to take into account weather conditions. To the Far East not hot summer, spring protracted and cool, and autumn – warm and long. Here are often torrential rains and fogs. Youtems to fly there better by plane to Vladivostok or Magadan and then, taking car rental, visit all scheduled sights. And those in this region a lot, it is enough to mention Valley Geyserov, where you can see the fountain of boiled water up to 300 meters in height.

What you need to know about the place where you go on vacation

Avachinskaya bay Does not even freeze in winter and is able to accept vessels of any sizes. World famous Valley of death – This is the most abnormal spot of the Far East, it cannot be visited, but there is an opportunity to admire this place from the helicopter.

Bystrin and Klyuchevskaya Natural Parks I will make an indelible impression even on sophisticated tourists with the types of unique nature, volcanoes, among which – the key – reaches 4750 meters in height.

For fishing trip, or to take a break from noise, bustle of urban life, many fees do not need. Take with you the most needed: fishing accessories, drink, food, telephone for communication and good mood.

Spend a vacation so that he is remembered for many years, dreams of many vacationers. Good preparation for it will allow you to enjoy the rest fully and fully restore forces for fruitful work in the future.

What you need to know about the place where you go on vacation
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