What you need to know about the electronic flight

What is their advantages and disadvantages, how to use it and present for a business report, how to pay and execute the return of such flight contract between the airline and the passenger. Now let’s try to answer all the main questions.

Electronic air ticket – This is a confirmation of the passenger’s right to use the services of the airline or carrier. This is an analogue of the usual paper ticket, only it has no real incarnation. It is stored in the database, which is sufficient to make flight.

When buying a ticket, a special route receipt comes to email. It contains all the necessary information about the acquired air service. The route indicates departure and arrival points, dates, time, ticket number, passenger name, tariff information, payment form and other information.

The route card can be printed. If necessary, it can be submitted to its accountant to solve the organizational issues related to a business trip. In addition, this document may require representatives of some airports. This proves the right passenger to visit the airport building.

Advantages of electronic air ticket

There are a lot of them. We allocate only the main:

  • Ability to check out the purchase of a cheap ticket independently via the Internet, for example, on a special FlyTourist service.RU;
  • What you need to know about the electronic flight
  • selection and comparison of all available flight options;
  • the inability to lose your road document;
  • lack of need to stand in line;
  • Saving for payment of commissions and fees. At a minimum, for the services of a special person, which makes up a ticket, no longer need to pay;
  • the ability to place tickets not only yourself, but also to other passengers;
  • round-the-clock access.

How to pay an electronic ticket

All rational payment methods are available. Cash and cashless payments, bank transfer significantly simplify the acquisition. It is enough to determine the most convenient option for yourself.

Payment by bank card takes a couple of minutes. You should enter your data, information on the map and confirm payment. This is a confidential process. Information about your bank account remains secret. Payment occurs on a secure virtual area, after which the client moves to a page with a formed route list.

Cash can be paid in the office of the company that provides the service. In this case, the purchase process is traditional on the site. After payment, the client receives a printed receipt and a check.

Bank transfer is convenient to use when there is a significant reserve of time before departure. Since funds go for several days, it is better not to risk at fast flights. After all, money may not go, and the ticket will be considered unpaid. Accordingly, it will not be possible to use.

Electronic air ticket – This is a breath of time. Sin ignore such a luxurious opportunity to save your financial resources, nerves and time. In addition, this is the guarantee of autonomy when drawing up your route. After all, you can view a variety of options and make a choice in favor of the best.

What you need to know about the electronic flight

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