What you need to know about return and irrevitory air tickets

When there are suddenly changing plans and leave has to be transferred or canceled, the question of the delivery of air tickets immediately arises...

For some, you can easily return the money or exchange to another date, for the other when you fail to travel, the funds spent will not be returned at all. Tourweek tourist portal.RU found out the nuances of return and irrevocate tariffs and tell you about it.

As before

Until June 2014, only return flights were sold in Russia, which could be surrendered even before the departure. In this case, the passenger was returned to 75% of the cost, because when renting a ticket in less than a day before the flight, the carrier kept a fine of 25%. When you pass the air ticket for a few days before the designated date of the trip returned its full cost.

True, when passing tickets were charged service fees, which each airline had their own, but in general it was possible to return almost all the money spent on the ticket. However, the risks of refusal of the flight were laid in the tariff – Due to this, the cost of the ticket has increased.

After starting the action of changes to the Air Code introduced the so-called non-refundable tickets. The authorities believed that innovations would create a favorable soil for the development of Lookers in Russia. However, all carriers made non-returnable cheapest flights. In addition, market tariffs became more flexible – not only non-returnable and non-displaceable tickets appeared, but also providing for a luggage flight. As a result, flying in the inner directions has become about 25% cheaper.

How to find out the tariff of your ticket

The airfare is formed from two parts: tariff and fees, fees. Rate – This is directly the cost of the airfare, which the Carrier establishes depending on the length of the route, class (business or economy) and the season. But there are also airport charges for terrestrial service airlines, service, insurance and fuel fees.

Before you purchase a ticket, explore the information on the website where you make a purchase, – Tariff rules should be indicated there. Look for the following phrases (they are written in English):

Ticket IS Non-refundable in Case of Cancel / No-Show – This is aptive ticket. If the passenger has not appeared on landing or without a good reason, the cause canceled the trip, he will not return money for such a ticket. Sometimes indicate only part of the wording – Ticket Is Non-refundable. But the meaning remains the same.

Changes not permitted – Tickets not subject to exchange.

CHANGES ANY TIME CHARGE EUR 50.00 – To exchange such a ticket, you will have to pay 50 euros. Different airlines amount may vary.

Name Change Not Permitted – In the ticket it is impossible to change the name.

Where Fare Is Non-Refundable Any Time In This Case YQ / Yr Surcharges Are Also non-refundable – in this case «YQ / Yr» denotes the taxes. It is implied that if the ticket is non-returnable, then not refund and taxes.

Non-return tariffs of our air carriers

Passengers «Aeroflot» Can take advantage of one of two non-returnable tariffs: «Economy Budget» and «Economy promo».

S7 Airlines is a non-return tariff is «Base», including «Business Basic» and «Economy basic».

Utair does not accept back tickets purchased on tariffs «Economy Standard» and «Economy Light».

W «Ural Airlines» Non-returnable promoterifiers.

«Victory» Does not take back tickets purchased by tariffs «Pack Plus» and «Standard».

Nordwind Airlines – at tariff «Promo».

What rules operate in foreign airlines

Abroad there are completely different orders. Foreign air carriers have no constant non-return tariffs. As a rule, tickets purchased as part of sales and shares do not take. In other cases it is necessary to read the rules of the tariff.

The exclusion is lucostors, where the majority of air tickets – Non-return. However, in some cases, the passenger is allowed for an additional fee to change the name in the ticket.

Are non-refundable tickets beneficial

Most carriers have both returnable and non-returnable tariffs for business classes and economies. The difference between returnable and non-return air tickets in one class is only that the first can be returned, and the second – No. At the same time, the couch, food and other services remain the same.

The cost of return tickets is always higher. For example, to book in «Aeroflot» Flight from Moscow to Rome on August 11 in a non-return tariff, will have to pay 14,890 rubles. For comparison, the airline has two return rates – «Economy Optimum» worth 18,155 rubles (and for the refund will keep 70 euros) and «Economy premium» worth 22,640 rubles (in this case, the return and exchange will be free).

What you need to know about return and irrevitory air tickets

How to return ticket

If plans changed, and you are going to cancel the airfare, immediately contact the service support service where the ticket was acquired, and report the intention to pass it. In some cases, when returning the airflight, the penalty will be brought: this condition should be contained in the rules of the tariff. The closer to the departure, the greater the amount of the fine – It can reach up to half the cost of a ticket. After registering on the flight (in some carriers – After departure) the ticket will not take.

Maximum clearly formulate your request to support support: you intend to return the ticket and cancel the flight at all or want to exchange it to another date. Cleiscoly understanding the task, an airline employee will be able to help you.

Some carriers exchange or accepted back tickets only in the sales office, others can do remotely. It is better to know in advance, having studied the tariff rules. When buying a ticket in a special service to return it, too, through the service.

How to return the non-return ticket

In some situations, money for a non-return ticket will still be returned. This can be done in the case of the so-called «Forced return». Reasons for this can be a violation by the carrier of the flight conditions, or death or severe disease of one of the passengers.

In the latter case, it is necessary to notify the airline about the circumstances as soon as possible. The carrier will remove you from the flight and will ask for documents that confirm the impossibility of the flight. It is important to contact the airline before checking on the flight.

It is believed that the airline violated the conditions of carriage if the flight was canceled or detained for a long time. The delay time varies from different carriers, in any case, this is indicated in the rules.

The decision on forced return takes the carrier. For example, in many foreign airlines medical reasons are not grounds for return, because in the US and Europe insurance, including flights, including flights. Thus, in case of unforeseen circumstances, the cost of buying a ticket covers insurers.

Is it possible to at least partially return the cost of a non-return ticket

Can. As mentioned above, the cost of the ticket consists of two parts – Tariff and fees. In the aircraft it is said that only the tariff part does not return. Consequently, airport and fuel fees can be back if other conditions are not spelled in the tariff rules. For example, S7 Airlines when passing tickets at the rate «Economy basic» Does not return YQ dachshunds (fuel collection), Yr (booking service) and receiving a ticket. Passenger will receive back only fees for unused flight locations and airport taxes.

However, even if you fold all the fees, a small amount will be released.

In what cases is better to purchase a non-return ticket

If you are sure that you do not cancel the trip and are not afraid of losing money, buy a non-return ticket. If the probability of changing plans is still there, it is worth spending a little more money, but to buy a return ticket.

What you need to know about return and irrevitory air tickets
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