What you need to know about rest in Sochi

Residents of our country call Sochi to the resort or summer capital. The city is famous since Soviet times. After the 2014 Winter Olympic Games of Sochi became popular not only among ours, but also from tourists from all over the world.

It is said that relaxing in Sochi is very expensive. We’ll figure it out, is it really, and whether the quality of rest matches the costs of it? Also consider the main attractions of the city of Sochi and its surroundings.

Where to stay in Sochi

As in all seaside cities, the rule works here: the closer to the sea – the more expensive.

In order not to overpay for accommodation in Sochi, you need to decide on the places that you would like to visit. Perhaps you will arrange to live not in Sochi itself, but in one of the nearest settlements and come to the city on the "swallow", spending on the road less than half an hour.

It is said that in Sochi is very expensive housing, it is partly so.

Expensive accommodation – these are not only hotels, but the private sector with minimal conditions and inflated prices. If you want to pay for accommodation in accordance with the conditions provided, book accommodation in advance, for example, on Bucking.

Please note, bucking will issue all big Sochi from the Imereti resort to Lazarevsky, so specify the name of the settlement. If you agree with a private owner, ask what is located nearby, specify how close.

Compare several settings in Sochi to compare the difference in prices and conditions.

S-Hotel – Hostel in the very center of Sochi

Placing one person in a common room from 500 rubles per day. The usual conditions for the hostel – a kitchen and a bathroom in general use with other guests. If you are resting by the company, you can buy a whole room to set out without outsiders. But the company is usually more profitable to rent an apartment, in which case you pay a fixed value regardless of the number of tenants.

Guest House Vereshchaginsky – in the center and not far from the beach

Guest house in the center of Sochi.

Double room will cost from 2000 rubles. The beach is ten minutes walk. Very good option for accommodation in Sochi, but there is a significant drawback. In the season of hotels with a good location and pleasant cost can be booked two months ahead.

Apartment Petrel in the city center

Close to the beach, excellent conditions, a huge amount included in the cost of additional services. One bedroom apartments for a day will cost at least 11,000 rubles.

On Bukin there are many offers among small private hotels, you can also book an apartment or accommodation in the private sector. If you want to rent accommodation at the locals in private, you can compare prices on popular advertisements:

On these sites you will find profitable deals in price. But remember that booking through Buking and other major resources occurs with a guarantee that real conditions will correspond to the declared. Particularly negotiated with private traders, so you need to ask a lot of questions, require more photos, you can even ask for a photograph of the room specifically for you, show views from the window and other nuances.

Beaches Sochi

Be prepared for the fact that the sea has many people. This applies to both beaches in the city and wild beaches outside of its borders.

During the season on the beaches, a cafe is opening, dance floors in the open air, small salons of cosmetic procedures, amusement parks and shops.

The whole coastal line of the city of Sochi is the beaches, and the length of the Sochi along the sea is 145 km.

Beach Riviera

This is one of the most visited and crowded beaches in Sochi, it takes more than 300 meters. The coastal zone is very wide, about 50 meters. Entrance to the beach is free, the beach is covered with small pebbles with sand islands.

This place is ideal for recreation with children – equipped tracks for a comfortable approach to water, medical groups work, there are many entertainment. Nearby there is a dolphinarium, where you can not only look at the show dolphins, but also take diving lessons.

Pension Satellite Beach

This beach refers to the pension "Satellite", but the entrance to the beach free For everyone.

Location is convenient for those who decided to save on accommodation and settled away from the coastal line. Almost from anywhere in the city here is easily accessible by public transport. Fit Buses 2 and 122, as well as any minibuses that go towards Mount Akhun. On the beach "Satellite" there is a club of windsurfers. Take lessons and try to conquer the wave can everyone.

Primorsky Beach

The beach begins directly from the Square of the Seaport and stretches for hundreds of meters.

Here rest in comfortable conditions – with sun loungers and the ability to hide in the shade of canopies at any time. Entrance to the beach is free, rental chairs – paid. Take a chaise lounger for a day more profitable than a few hours.

Sights of Sochi

In addition to the beach holiday in Sochi, there is something to see.


Sochi Arboretum is one of the city’s business cards. This is a huge multi-level park.

Autumn in Sochi Arboretum, Japanese Garden / Photos from the official site

The arboretum consists of two parts, start acquaintance better from the top.

Upper Park very big, so you need to comfortably dress and choose comfortable shoes. Take water and food. Guests of the Arboretum can have a snack in the cafe on the territory or arrange an independent picnic. Especially fascinating to walk along the top, if you have a park card with you or check with the site.

Nizhny Park less, usually end inspection. The ticket price includes visits to the upper and lower park, but at the bottom there are several establishments with a paid entrance. This is a terrarium, a small oceanarium, attractions for children, entertainment rooms.

In the park you can move on foot or on electric vehicles, but the brightest impressions will bring rise to the cable car. You look at the city from the height. Top pad – this is a look, there is cafes and shops. From the top point it is convenient to descend down on foot and tier for a tier to study the park.

In the park thousands of plant species, some of them are impressive with their scale – bamboo thickets, as in the films about the jungle, the centuries-old trees of an unusual form, strangely tropical flowers. Some of the plants at a certain time of the year poisonous, so do not need to touch unfamiliar flowers, especially – to tear them.

On one of the tiers there is a small ostrich farm. Ostrichs can be fed with your hands, but it should be careful – they can hit with their massive beaks.

The arboretum looks different, depending on the season, you can come here to each trip and get acquainted with it. It is often compared with Riviera, this is the second large park in Sochi. But in the Riviera only rides and entertainment, which are many and in other places. Unlike Riviera, the arboretum – unique.

The cost of the visit varies depending on the season. See accurate information on the official site: dendrarium.Ru

Oceanarium in Riviera

This is the largest oceanarium in large Sochi.

A visit to the oceanarium is the opportunity to visit the bottom of the ocean, look at the most dangerous marine inhabitants. There are several types of sharks here, some of them give offspring. If you are lucky, then when visiting the aquarium, you will get on their feeding, see tiny sharks. Piranhas live in separate giant aquariums. These are dangerous predators, but at the same time they are very frightened, everyone is surprised by this fact when they get acquainted with them for the first time.

Less dangerous fish live in open water bodies – decorative ponds. These fish can be fed up. Some have accustomed to the society of people to such an extent that they even allow to stroke themselves. Other manual inhabitants of the oceanarium – turtles, from small to gigantic. For certain days in the oceanarium, quails are held on marine topics.

On the official site See schedule of work and entry cost: Okean-Riviera.Com

Mount Akhun

This is not the highest mountain in Sochi, a little more than 600 meters above sea level. But it sees the whole city, the sea, mountains and even Adler.

At the top of the mountain is located Tower with braces and observation platform. The tower was built in 1936 by order of Stalin, he wanted to have a convenient survey point in such a place. The entrance is about 100 rubles per person, for these little money you will not only get to the viewing, but also be able to make photos inside the tower.

The foot of the tower has a market and summer cafe. Seen the ferris wheel, it is small, but it is worth riding. The height of this wheel is 30 meters, but due to the location on the top of the mountain you can see all the surroundings.

If you arrived in Sochi by car or hire it, then get to Mount Akhun will be just. Need to get to the pension "satellite" and climb over a cool road to the mountain. Get here without personal transport will be more difficult, the best way is to attach to excursions.

All over Sochi, there are many tour desks, in each of them you can buy tickets to Akhuna. But you need to know that this trip will take at least half a day.

Tourist buses travel through apicles, winery, tasting rooms and other places where tourists could leave their money. Buy something not necessarily, tasting is usually free.

In Sochi and Sochi region, many episodes from the classics of Soviet cinema, in particular, were filmed from Film "The Diamond Arm". Excursion routes on Akhun often pass through one large wine tasting room. Near this room there is a funny landmark – the same "Toilet ME and JO", which appeared in the film near the restaurant "Weeping willow". There is no restaurant itself and never happened, it was created from the scenery. But the toilet is quite real, what to tell to tell tourists.

Dacha Stalina

Railway and Marine Station Sochi belong to architectural monuments. You can also visit Winter Theater, But the most powerful architectural and historical object will be the house-museum "Dacha Stalin".

Everything has been preserved here in this form, how it was in the 30s, the leader’s personal belongings remained especially for him.

As you know, Stalin had a persecution mania, this confirms the dacha layout. There are many bedrooms and atypical transitions from one room to another.

It is said that since those times there are not only things, but also energy. The working office of Stalin is considered a particularly strong place, the emotional people in it often becomes not good.

Site House Museum: Dachastalina.Ru

Surroundings Sochi

Winter Olympic SOCHI-2014 Games were not in the city itself. The two locations of the Olympics were the Imeretic Resort and Red Polyana.

What you need to know about rest in Sochi
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Imeretic resort

Located almost on the border with Abkhazia. This is the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village. It is convenient to get here to Swallow. In the Olympic Park, you will see sports facilities, including the Formula 1 highway. There is an amusement park. Take rent bikes and go through the park.

More details about Imereti resort Read here.

Krasnaya Polyana

Railway station Red Polyana begins town Rosa Khutor. He was built to the Olympics. The town spread on both sides of the mountain river – these are hotels, cafes and restaurants, branded shops, beauty salons and other institutions of the service sector.

The most interesting is the cable lifts where you can climb the mountains to different heights.

Rose Farm is a ski resort, so there are many people and winter, and in summer. Clarify which height is snow in the offseason, you can On the site of the resort: Rosaski.Com

In the summer there is also something to do. The most unique of entertainment is excursions or independent walks in the mountains according to the "Health Tracks" with a visit to the Alpine Lakes and a review of beautiful natural panoramas.

33 waterfall

Sightseeing routes in Sochi, including Mount Akhun, often pass through Agur waterfalls. These are three waterfalls, turning right on the way to Akhun. But it will be much more interesting to see 33 waterfalls, they are located on, in the village of the head of the Sochi district.

Pleasure trail is wooden ladders and bridges. The route passes by many waterfalls. Entrance to the territory costs about 100 rubles per person if you go with the excursion, the cost will be included in the total. The highest waterfall in the cascade reaches 12 meters in height. On the way the oldest will meet Tulip tree. He is more than seven hundred years. According to the legends of the indigenous village, this tree fulfills the desire.

Trout farm in Adler

The excursion to the housework will be interesting – you will see rare trout breeds, find out the peculiarities of care, you can get to the tasting. Fishing is allowed as an additional service. To catch the trout in wild water bodies is prohibited by law, and here you can not only get a good catch, but also to try fresh fish.

It will be interesting to get to feed the trout, which is contained in the pools. These fish are absolutely not afraid of people and behave like pets, even allow themselves to iron.

On the territory of the economy there is a shop where fish and caviar sell. From Sochi to Adler walks a lot of buses and minibuses, as well as "swallow". So get to adler and visit the Forelevoe farm is not difficult.


Travel agencies are often offered in Abkhazia day tours without overnight stay. Agree to such a proposal will be bad idea.

Visit Abkhazia definitely stands, but only if you can allocate for at least two days. Traveling without a night will be too tedious.

To get to Abkhazia, you need to go through the state border. During the influx of tourists, the border passage can stretch for several hours. If there is an opportunity, the border is better crossing at night when there are fewer people.

The main attractions of Abkhazia are Lake Ritsa and New Athos. The way to them will take long hours.

How to get to Sochi

You can get to the capital of the Sochi district in different ways:

  • The aircraft – the nearest airport in Adler, the second remoteness – in Krasnodar
  • By train or train
  • By bus or car
  • By sea

You can get from Adler by train or vehicles, the road takes no more than half an hour. Krasnodar is located much further. The path at the ambulance "swallow" will take at least four hours, by car – much longer.

The road along the Tuapse district and the Sochi district is a mountain serpentine, with speed limitations, their violations are not only punishable, but also life-long.

The move on the Tuapse and Sochi district on the vehicle has many flaws. District guests poorly transfer constant turns, descents and lifts on the road. During the season, inconvenience is enhanced by strong traffic jams. The season in the Sochi district continues from early spring to late autumn.

If there is a choice of choice, it is better to go by train. "Swallows" are very comfortable, in the summer they go to the Sochi district every hour. On some flights you need to buy a ticket to the ticket office or through online services. It’s "swallows" with booking places. You can buy a ticket directly in the train. It is better to book trips with places, then you definitely do not have to go standing.

In Sochi is sea ​​port, The message has been established between Novorossiysk, Anapa, Crimea, Abkhazia. From the Tuapse region to get to Sochi, the sea will not work, the passenger seaport in Tuapse has not been working for many years.

Is it worth relaxing in Sochi

In Sochi well. There are a lot of entertainment, there is something to see and where to spend time. Therefore, the answer is unequivocal – of course it is worth, and for family people, and for friendly companies of any age.

As for the cost of rest in Sochi, it will depend on your prudency. Pre-booking housing will save in price several times.

This article presents the brightest sights of Sochi. All of them are available. Visit will be either free or very inexpensive.

What you need to know about rest in Sochi

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