What you need to know about marine cruises before traveling?

Sea cruise is an excellent opportunity to travel through the most beautiful corners of the Motherland. View small city museums, visit large megacities, enjoy special our nature and visit unique excursions on the most interesting places of the country.

Where better to purchase a tour

In fact, options to buy a sea cruise of only 2. This is a travel agency or a cruise company. In both cases, there are positive and negative points. Before buying, it is recommended to clearly deal with all the “pitfalls” to take the right decision.

However, U Travel agencies have several advantages. First, operators can offer a sea trip from several cruise companies, which means it is possible to choose the most suitable option for the price, route, time and time cruise. While the cruise company offers only its own options.

What is included in the price, which is paid separately

Careful Caution at design Sea travel should be given additional services that are not included in the value of the main program and must be paid separately. Then the tourist will know, What exactly he has to pay further. As a rule, these are tickets, medical insurance (for the entire period of travel), stopping in hotels, transfer services from the airport and, if necessary, visa.

Also further need Pay port and fuel fees (often they pay them immediately when booking a trip). Alcohol, paid additional services like massage, spa procedures, washing or ironing, excursions and tips for cruise liner.

V The cost of the sea cruise includes cautious resettlement according to the paid category. Food on board: breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch, dinner and buffet. All entertainment activities include deck equipment (for example, sports equipment, swimming pool). Payment includes all swimming facilities for landing and landing.

What to take with you in a cruise trip

Collect baggage just like in Any other journey. Clothes, cosmetics, if necessary, you need to take your own drugs. Everything else on the ship is. You can always wash and stroke clothes, use personal hygiene and other. Several times you should check for all the necessary documents so that there is no unpleasant surprises on arrival at the port.

What documents are needed

The main document for the traveler – This is a cruise ticket. Without him simply do not miss the cruise liner. The ticket is a thin little book in which the following marks mark:

What you need to know about marine cruises before traveling
  • Detailed travel route, voucher, current start of registration, landing time, contacts cruise or tourist organization and ships;
  • port address, mark how to get to the port on public transport, information about the availability and cost of parking on the territory of the sea terminal;
  • personal questionnaire (recommended in advance);
  • Coupons for additional services (if ordered in advance);
  • tags for luggage for landing;
  • Information data on ports, onboard excursions and other additional services.

Dignity and shortcomings of cruise travel

Before buying a cruise tour, follows familiarize yourself with the positive and negative parties This Travel. Among the advantages is important to allocate the following:

  1. A huge amount of entertainment on board liner.
  2. A unique opportunity for one trip to visit a large number of cities.
  3. Excellent service (often even higher than in five-star hotels).

An indisputable advantage is that Tourist always knows, when and in where it will be. It turns out that rest in a cruise is both a hotel and entertainment, and a restaurant. If we talk about service, then on board there is a laundry, gym, medical care.

There are practically no shortcomings in cruise travel, If you do not count a little pitch. Therefore, people with a weak vestibular apparatus are recommended choose another look. Otherwise he will simply do not bring.

Cruise journey Suitable as lonely tourists, pensioners and families with children. Each person will find on board for himself the mass of everything interesting than you can diversify your leisure. Especially good travel on water to tourists who would seem to be everywhere. Cruise tour give them a lot of positive and interesting impressions that will remain for life.


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