What you need to know about Belgium?

Pretty often Belgium is not considered as a country for recreation. It is often used as a point of transplant, and then sending on the path Benilux, this route includes the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Life level in Belgium is close to the prosperous Switzerland level. Considerable amount of fortresses from the middle ages period, as well as extremely many other historical monuments are located in this country. In addition, the attention of travelers conquer thematic travels, for example, to come to try the legendary Belgian chocolate, some entail diamonds, and someone comes to beautiful beaches and at the resort spa.

general information

Belgium is a state that is located in Western Europe. The name of the country comes from the folk tribe of the cults – Belgo. Belgi – the initial inhabitants who settled in this part of Europe.

Neighboring states:
Germany – from the East;
Netherlands – from the North;
Luxembourg – borderline from the south-east;
France – Southwestern Border.

The northwestern kingdom border is surrounded by the Northern Sea.
In Belgium, reign Constitutional parliamentary monarchy, Philip I – Managing King at the moment. But it should be noted that the Prime Minister His post since 2014.

Epoching excursion

About 400 thousand years ago, the first settlements originated on the territory of Belgium. In the first millennium BC.NS. Western Aryan castes settled on the territory of the Belgian kingdom. Around 300 BC, the Belgo tribes occupied the territory of the kingdom and formed a new power.

What you need to know about Belgium

12, 14th century in the state developed craft. The Kingdom of Belgium began to attract the interest of Germany and France, in the 16th century on the terrain of Belgium, the Spaniards had steadily strengthened their forces, their management lasted a half century. In the 18th century, the authorities captured Austria, but at the beginning of the 19th century, the Vienna Congress decided that the Kingdom of Belgium was part of the Netherlands. From the kingdom they tried to make a powerful barrier to protect themselves from the attack of Napoleon and France.

In 1830, the country survived the riot, His goal was the struggle for the sovereignty of the state. A year later, the constitutional monarchy began to flourish in Belgium.

The Belgian Constitution shares the population of the country on Three linguistic groups:
The first group is located on the territory of Vallonia, is 32% of the inhabitants, this part communicates in French. Flemish has occupied the northern regions, the number is 58% of residents.
Eastern Vallonia region, there are about 67 thousand people – German-speaking.
In Brussels, the population communicates in French and Dutch.


In Belgium actively Industrial complex, agriculture and external economic ties develop. According to statistics, most of the products manufactured in Belgium goes to export.
Industrial areas of Belgium, mostly are closer to the northern part of the kingdom.
Agriculture is developing rapidly in Flemish regions.


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