What you need to eat not to recover on quarantine

Healthy products that help even during forced motion restrictions during quarantine do not recruit excess fat, called British scientists. Total experts called five well-known products.

So, on the recommendation of the experts of The Telegraph, in the forced situation of quarantine better «Leave» For such products as:

  1. Avocado– Exotic «Alligator Pear» rich in potassium, which «Blocks» Harmful effects of sodium, delaying in the body of excess water. Also, the product includes fiber and useful vegetable fats, providing the body with a long-term sense of satiety. Fruit is recommended to add to salads, use as «Namazku» for hosting toasts from whole grain bread, as well as an option – in the form of sauce guacamole.
  2. What you have to eat so as not to recover on quarantine articles on tourism from the tourism
  3. Ginger– Healing root from oriental cuisine speeds up digestion and helps split proteins. In addition, it is characterized by powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. In the kitchen of Southeast Asia, it is present in a variety of dishes, you can also brew tea with it. Note that the utility of ginger «Associated» and our retailers – From the beginning of Quarantine, the sharp root went up in tens of times.
  4. Watermelon– Summer berry perfectly refresses as well – What do all the fans of watermelons know about – Wash out extra liquid from the body than helps to get rid of edema. One problem – not a season.
  5. Tomatoes– They are rich in antioxidant lycopene, which is characterized by an effective anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, tomatoes can be put not only in salads and in sandwiches, but also as a side dish – if you just bake them in the oven.
  6. Oatmeal– Certainly, «British scientists» could not recommend this product – and deserved. Cereals – excellent prebiotic, improve digestion and satisfy well. By the way, you can cook not only cereal, but also a variety of baking.

We also picked up for you other interesting materials about health while traveling:

More on tourism forecasts – when borders open and travel will be resumed – read in the material «When tourism recover from Coronavirus: in June, in September or the next year?». At the same time, the ator predicts that Coronavirus will go bankrupt 30% of Russia’s travel agencies (read the details here).

Add that if you have a paid tour to any of the foreign countries that you want to cancel with the return of money, the State Duma has released recommendations for tourists (details here). This is all the more relevant that tour operators began to massively refuse to tourists in returning money for foreign tours. On this occasion, the Turmp has already published detailed instructions for tourists and travel agents from lawyers specializing in Tourism Claims – read this link → How to return the money?

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What you have to eat so as not to recover on quarantine articles on tourism from the tourism

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