What you can see interesting in Dominican Republic – Baseball

In this article on JJ-Tours.RU We offer not the most standard answer to the question: "What to see in Dominican Republic?". This is a baseball. Baseball is popular in many countries, primarily in the USA, Mexico, Japan and Dominican Republic.

In Dominican Republic Baseball is a national sport, approximately, as we have popular football, in Canada Hockey or Skiing in Norway. It is in the Dominican Republic that you will have a unique opportunity to visit a real baseball game, where thousands of viewers are present in the stands and all children dream of catching the ball after the "Houm Rana".

Most of our compatriots do not know the rules, and therefore, simply does not understand what happens on the field. We corrected this overstyt, and simply and briefly tell the rules of the game. Baseball rules are not so complex, as it seems at first glance, especially if they do not deepen.

Professional Baseball League Dominican Republic consists of just six teams. Dominican is not such a big country, and teams and stadiums here a bit. Two teams are located in Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, one team in Santiago, one in the cities of San Pedro de Mankoris and San Francisco de Mankoris. And one of the league teams is located in the city of La Roman, a very popular resort.

If you stayed in a la novel, you can quickly get to the Francis Stadium Micheli, where the local club Toros del Este spends the name of the Local Club. Toros Del Este. The team is not a favorite of the championship, although twice they were champions, last time in 2011.

Please note that the symbol of the team on the left there is no baseball bits. It is very symbolic, as in countries in which they play baseball, game symbols are precisely glove and ball, and not a baseball bits.

Baseball in Dominican Play in winter, in the dry season. Games of the Chief Championship, and in just every team of the Dominican Republic plays 18 games, pass in January, which is very successful with the holiday season.

Unfortunately, the stadium of the city of La Roman is not so big, it accommodates up to 9000 spectators in the stands. But tickets can always buy, of course you should not buy them at the last moment, it is better to buy in a few days, then you can choose places closer to the field and with good angle.

As an additional motivation to visit the Tores Del Este team to visit the male part of tourists, we present you a team support group. These girls dance in breaks between rounds, the calling public, having agitating more actively to root for the team. Feel the answer to the question "What to see in Dominican Republic?"Smoothly shifts towards baseball.

Support group – everyday phenomenon on baseball and other stadiums in America, this is part of the show. Visiting sports events in American countries is not only a view of a match, but also mandatory hot dogs, dances of the support group, comic performance of team talismen. Sports in Dominican Republic is a show where to have fun with the whole family, there are no aggressive fans, do not light flyers.

Team Tores Del Este, it is orange and black. In black form, the team plays "on the road", the orange form is used in home games. If you visit Baseball in a la novel, you definitely do not confuse.

So that you are not disappointed our answer to the question: "What to see in Dominican Republic?", We will briefly tell the rules of the game, and you will greatly understand what is happening on the field.

What you can see interesting in Dominican Republic - Baseball

The rules are not very complicated, just in most cases they are difficult to describe. The whole match consists of 9 rounds (INIGs). Each round consists of two parts, between which the teams are changing in places, they usually say that each team plays and in defense and in the attack.

The game is built as follows. The protection team introduces the ball into the game, it makes a special player from the square of the square. The second team, which plays in the attack, exposes its players to the corner base (house), which at the stadium of La Roman is closest to the audience.

If the player does not beat off the ball 3 times, then he leaves the field. If he managed to beat off, then he runs along the square in the databases, passing one another and, if he runs through the whole square. The team is gaining one point.

Of course, the team leading the ball into the game can catch a bang down ball and transfer it to the base, in this case the running player is forced to leave the game and the team’s glasses will not bring.

Everything is simple, beat up, run and earn glasses. Of course, the full list of rules is much more and replete with terms, such as home wounds, airship out and others. But we believe that the middle tourist who visits the baseball match, our brief description will be enough.

We wish you a pleasant pastime at the stadium, we hope that our answer to the question "What to see in Dominican Republic?"Will be interested in you.

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What you can see interesting in Dominican Republic - Baseball

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