What you can and can not be imported to Tunisia

Rules of entry tourist wealth in Tunisia are determined by the Customs Code of the country ( "Code des Douanes"), last revised by 2008, and its annexes, some 20 acts, adopted in 2009. All these documents are available on the website of Customs of Tunisia, the language of documents – French. If you wish, you can study these documents, but it is better to read this article until the end. So, what we take on a flight to Tunisia and that the spread of the suitcase:

That the import is strictly prohibited

– Drugs other than drugs for personal use. If the tourist doctor has prescribed a drug with a narcotic effect, necessarily must present the relevant certificate, translated into French and certified. It is better not to take risks and to consult on this subject in the embassy of the Republic of Tunisia.

– Weapons, other than hunting and sport, on the import of which is necessary to obtain special permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tunisia. Penknives and kitchen knives can be imported.

– Animals and plants listed in the Red Book. On the rules of importation of domestic animals talk in detail below.

– Henna and articles thereof. This rule seems to be anecdotal, but only at first glance. Henna is refused entry into many countries, as under its views or mixed with it trying to import drugs.

– Palm trees and their products. We explain that the fruits can be imported and exported, for example, dates or coconuts.

– pornography. It is important to note here that this concept of Tunisians is much wider than we. Here, under the word "pornography" understand even the photo topless. Be careful.

– Any objects representing historical or cultural value. It is worth being attentive with antique things, leave home any antique items – watches, decorations, cigarette and the like.

Tobacco and cigarettes

There are one nuance in Tunisian customs regulations. Usually, the rules indicate that cigarettes can import only faces by age from 18 years. In Tunisian laws, nothing is said about this. Theoretically, duty-free tobacco rate can enter even a breast child in Tunisia.

This is the norm: or up to 200 cigarettes, or up to 50 cigars, or up to 500 grams of raising tobacco (tubular, chewing or snuff).

On some sites you can find the figure in 400 cigarettes. The official norm is 200, although Tunisian customs officers are usually looking to "through the fingers". We emphasize the word "usually". Do not risk in vain, especially since the cigarettes in Tunisia are cheap, but the range in the stores is wide (on the photo on the left).


Similarly, age limit in Tunisian customs regulations is not spelled out.

You can import: 1 bottle up to 1 liter of strong alcohol (fortress from 25%) or 2 bottles of up to 1 liter Each weak alcohol (fortress up to 25%).

For compliance with this rate, customs officers are already watching intently. In foreign tourist sites, many complaints about such a content: "Found 2 bottles of whiskey, one unceremoniously confiscated". From our tourists such complaints also receive periodically. Probably, customs officers have someone bumps confiscated alcohol.

What else can be imported free

– Up to 1 liter of toilet water or up to 250 milliliters of spirits.

– We quote: "Gifts for non-commercial use". The specific digit of this restriction is not given, the tourist himself should guess. IATA (International Air Transport Association) recommends bringing gifts and souvenirs with a total cost of up to 75 Tunisian dinars. In any case, customs officers will evaluate the cost of these objects "on the eye", try not to pronounce the items that are expensive.

– Objects for personal use – 1 laptop, or netbook, or tablet computer, 1 photo or video camera, small iron, hairdryer, electric shaver.

– Mobile phone or smartphone can be transported alone, but two tourists carry through customs without problems. Considering the robbed prices of our telecom operators on roaming in Tunisia, take a spare phone to use the local SIM – this is a very healthy idea. Read in detail our review "How to make cheap calls from Tunisia".

Importing currency

Import Tunisian dinar (in the photo on the right) is categorically prohibited. This currency is not even exchanging outside Tunisia. If we decided to try to pre-change rubles to dinars in Russia, then our advice is forget this idea, only time will lose.

To currency control at the border of the Tunisian authorities are very serious, and the currency control of inside the country. Norms are regulated by decree 2007-394 of February 26, 2007.

If you bring the amount greater than the equivalent of 5,000 dinars, then declaration is required. Without declaration, this money can not be taken back. This money will not even be translated into a cashless form (put on a bank account), since the bank employee will require a passport with a stamp on the declaration of currency.

Theoretically, the passport with a stamp is obliged to demand even merchants in large purchases, but they do not. Even having in your hands the currency worth more than 25,000 dinars, not having a declaration stamp – this is already a crime!

The authorities are struggling with income obtained illegally – corruption, drug trafficking. If the customs officers find a valuable subject at the tourist at the expense of a valuable subject (expensive carpet, decorations of gold or something like that), then may well require to present documents – a stamp on the declaration of currency or an extract from the bank to remove money from the account. We’ll have to prove that they bought this subject to legal money.

What you can and can not be imported to Tunisia

Stamp on the declaration of currency is valid for 3 months, after which, after that, it is impossible to withdraw a currency from the country!


Any pet must have a health certificate obtained by a maximum of 6 weeks before arrival in Tunisia.

Cats and dogs should have a certificate of grafting from rabies, made from 1 to 6 months ago. For details, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia.

– Dog breeds: Burbul, American Pit Bullherier, Rottweiler and Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastif). These are dogs of battle breeds, except Rottweiler, who are service dogs. Than rottweilers so did not please the tunisians, unknown.

– Sokolov of all species.

Tunisian rules are written in such a way that a crocodile can be riveted in Tunisia (if not protected), but can not rottweiler. There are no ideal laws, we have laws in Russia and worse.

It’s important to know

– restrictions waiting not only at the entrance, but also on the road from the country. Read our article "What can and what can not be taken from Tunisia";

– At the entrance is waiting not only customs, but also migration control. Details in our article "Visa in Tunisia";

– Carry or not carry your alcohol? This question is so worried. About the price of alcohol in Tunisian stores, read our article "Alcohol in Tunisia – Prices and Rules".

We wish to go through Tunisian customs without any problems, and read other articles about Tunisia on our website (List of articles below).

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Strictly forbidden to import drones .And any aircraft with which you can remove from the height . Metal detectors.

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