What will happen if the plane will hit Zipper?

"Airplanes suffer from lightning strikes more often than you can imagine: on average zipper falls into one liner once every two years. And this fact is taken into account when they design. Everything is thought out: lightning does not pass through the interior, facing passengers on electricity, it is discharged through aluminum plane trim – a wonderful conductor of electricity.

Extremely rarely occurs external damage (superficial or end-to-end) or small damage to the electrical systems of the aircraft – as a rule, lightning almost leaves the trace.

What will happen if the plane will hit Zipper

There are, of course, exceptions. In 1963, the Boeing 707 aircraft wing was exploded from the Boeing 707 company Pan A, flying over the state of Maryland. Subsequently, the Federal Department of Civil Aviation USA took a number of safety measures, including changing the configuration of the fuel tank and the installation of electrical discharges across the entire board.

In 1993 I was a carrier of the crew on a 37-seater plane, in the nose of the lightning from the tiny thunderstorm cloud. What we felt and heard? Barely noticeable outbreak and hardly distinguishable push. Emergency lights were not lit, the generators did not disconnect. With the second pilot, we had such a dialogue: "What was that?" – "Do not know". (Shrugs shrugs.) – "Lightning?" – "May be". Mechanics subsequently discovered a black speck in front of the fuselage ".

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