What will happen if all insects disappear?

At first glance, it may seem that paradise will come on Earth. Summer evenings can be calmly sit near the river, without fear of annoying mosquitoes. After a walk in the park no longer need to carefully examine clothes in search of ticks. The world will forget about the existence of malaria, dengue fever and other terrible diseases whose carriers are insects. Sighed with relief workers of agriculture, as they do not have to fight more with Colorado Bucket and locust. Cats and dogs will stop torching torch.

And then the apocalypse will begin.

Because the "main workers" on pollination of plants are bees, wasps, butterflies, flies, beetles. And about 80% of plants in the world are coated brine or flowering. Consequently, for their reproduction it is necessary to transfer pollen from the anther of the stamens on the pistil. Sometimes wind, water, poultry and bats can cope with this. But the lion’s share of work is performed by insects, and no one can replace them. So after the insects will disappear plants.

And since plants are part of the diet of man, animals, and even most freshwater fish, then all of them will disappear – the principle of falling domino. The planet will cover with fallen leaves, corpses of birds, animals and people. And all because some insects together with bacteria and mushrooms are processed by organic material. Perform this job instead will be no one.

What will happen if all insects disappear

And, unfortunately, this is not theoretical question. The process is already running. Climate change caused by human activity led to the fact that many insects are on the verge of extinction, and some are no longer. Therefore, it is important to remember that a person is only one of the elements of the ecosystem and its invasion of nature bears irreversible consequences, which will lead to the death of the person himself.

Visual examples of how anthropogenic activity affects nature, look in the photo project "My Planet" "Neglednikaya period".

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What will happen if all insects disappear

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