What, where and as in Finland

Capital – Helsinki. Area 686 kV.KM. Population of 525 thousand. human.

Time. "Loose" from Moscow for 1 hour.

State languages ​​- Finnish and Swedish. Knowledge of English greatly facilitates for foreigners Communication in Finland. However, it is not in every cafe you can find a bartender speaking in English. Sellers in stores own English more often.

Money. 1 Finnish Brand (FIM) = 100 Penny. $ 1 is approximately 5 fim.

Currency exchange. Exchange items occur infrequently. Usually they are located in the center of cities, at airports and train stations. Exchange currency can also be in branded trains "Tough" (Moscow -Helsinki), "Repin". Sibelius" Both St. Petersburg – Helsinki. In hotels, the exchange rate is unfavorable.

Transport. Movement of right-hand. Road Rules – International. Speed ​​limit in settlements – 50 km / h and 80 km / h, on the highway – 120 km / h. Maximum allowed alcohol content of the driver – 0.5 pp.

Public transport in Helsinki: buses, trams, metro and suburban train. The cost of the ticket within the city does not depend on the route range, the ticket also gives the right to transplant.

When traveling outside the city, you must purchase a suburban ticket. One-time tickets must be projected. Tickets at a discount are sold at the points of sale of transport management tickets, as well as in kiosks with a symbol "R".

Hitch-hiking. The possibility of traveling in this way in Finland is not excluded. However, due to the features of the Finnish character, the drivers slow down reluctantly.

Car parking. On many urban parking lots, parking time is limited. 06 This is reported by special warning signs. There are time counters on such sites, the board of which indicates how long parking is allowed: 12 minutes – 1 FIM, 1 hour – 5 FIM. In addition to meters, there are parking time machines. You can buy a receipt for the right of parking, which must then be put on the dashboard so that it is visible through the windshield.

Accommodation. In Finland, the hotels are not divided into categories by the number of stars. On the conditions of placement and service level says the word itself, which is indicated by the type of hotel.

The price, as a rule, includes breakfast, unless otherwise specified. Tourbases and youth hotels can be closed from 10 to 16 hours.

Approximate classification of accommodation tools: I wanted – Hotel, Motelly – Auto Pansionate, Motel, Kesyyotelli – Student hostel, usually open in the summer, Matkakoti – Hotel Town Card (Mayatalo, Mattailing), Retkayluma – Turbaza, Retackyulukhotelli – well-equipped hub, part of the rooms It is equipped with a toilet and shower, Matterilukesus – TourComplex with various options (Lomaskus, accommodation, having spaces for LAMARA, LOMA-AVTORS, and TALs, service for Leinartescus) Rest, LeinTaluee – Camping, Lommekit – Complex of country houses with kitchens and sauna near Lake or river, matylmayutus – country houses with full or half board in rural areas.

Shopping time.

The shops. Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 18.00, Saturday: 9.00 – 16.00. Summer: 9.00 – 14.00.

Department Stores. Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 20.00, Saturday: 9.00 – 16.00, in summer: 9.00 – 14.00.

Shops in the bail transport. Monday Saturday: 8.00 – 22.00, Sunday 10.00 – 22.00.

Markets. Haczniemi. Monday – Saturday: 6.30 – 14.00. Indoor Khakaniai Market: Monday – Thursday: 8.00 17.00, Friday: 8.00 – 18.00, Saturday: 8.00 – 15.00. "Swap meet" Hietalachti. Monday – Saturday: 8.00 – 14.00, from May to August, the market works in the evenings. Market Square. Monday – Saturday: 6.30 – 14.00, from mid-May until the end of August – in the evenings. Old indoor market (near Market Square). Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 17.00, Saturday: 8.00 -15.00.

"Tax-Free". As in many other countries, there is a system in Finland "Tax-Free", Providing on certain conditions a return of value added tax (VAT) upon departure from the country. For consumer goods, the return value is ranging from 10 to 16% of their price, for food – about 10%. The minimum purchase in one store should be at least 250 fim, while industrial and food products can not be combined. Benefits does not apply to books, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and services. A check for the right to receive VAT is issued on the presentation of a passport and must be presented to the Finnish service "Tax-Free" on the border.

VAT refund points.

On roads. Torphyanovka: Returns in the customs building. Lingonberry: in the Raja-Kaapa store approximately 500 m to the our border, in the customs building in the Nurminen Border Services office. Niiral: In the office of ITAHUOLINTA about 400 m to the border. Vartus: Raja-Kontti cafe is approximately 2 km to the border. Rayayoyospps: in the office "Tax-Free" on the our side of the border.

By train. Return of money is made by employee service "Tax-Free" On the range between the stations of Kouvola and Vainikkala. The exchange time is limited, so you need to prepare a passport in advance, check "Tax-Free" and shopping.

By plane. The check is stamp, after which the purchases can be passed into luggage. Return of money is carried out after passport control in the international departure hall in Finnair shops, Stockmann, Helsinki Airport Duty Free.

On the ship. Return of money in the Port Terminal Building. If the return point is closed at the time of departure from Finland, you need to get a Finnish customs stamp on the check. Returning home you can:

– Send check by mail company "Tax-Free" To return the tax on the current tourist account with the bank details, credit card numbers, copies of the passport and the Finnish visa, operating at the date of purchase;

– Get money in Russia at the addresses: St. Petersburg, ul.Chapigina, 4, "Satellite"; Moscow, New Arbat, 11, "Bridge Bank" (or in other branches "Bridge of Bank").

You can also return VAT during the next trip to Finland in any Finnish return point.

Finnish check "Tax-Free" valid for three months after the month of purchase. Europe "Tax-Free" Shopping Finland Oy PL 460 (Salomonkatu 17 A) 00101 Helsinki, Finland. Tel: + 358 9 61329600 Fax: + 358 9 61329675 WWW.Taxfree.SE

What, where and as in Finland

Bus tour in the center of Helsinki with a our-speaking or English-speaking guide. Held from April to September daily from 14 to 15.30, in winter on Saturdays from 12 to 13.thirty. Place starting excursion: PohjoiseSplanadi 17, bodies.; 601 966.

Excursion on a walking boat. It is carried out only in the summer. Boat leaves every hour from 10 am from the berth at the market square and from the embankment of the Khakananianrant. Last flight – about 18.00. For groups, you can order an excursion at a convenient time.

Excursion to Helsinki on the tram route "ZT". Travel cost – price of tram ticket, duration – 50 min.

Helsinki card makes it possible to use the services of urban and sea transport for free, go for a bus tour of the city or in a pedestrian walk with a guide, visit many landmarks Helsinki. The card provides the right to benefits in restaurants, theaters, opera and at concerts, as well as in gifts for gifts in department stores. Helsinki card is valid from one to three days. You can buy it in a turbule, hotel reference service, travel agencies and hotels themselves.

Finland ski slopes will satisfy every taste. And lovers, and slalom professionals. The most famous ski resorts such as Ki, Kemi, Ronaniemi, hand.

Water trails. In the world, some countries that have the same opportunities for rowing sports as Finland. Thousands of kilometers of the Baltic coast, many lakes and rivers contribute to this. There are absolutely incredible waterways for drowning. Experienced rowers give a very high assessment by routes on the rivers of Leeks, Saramo and Janisoki. Waterways, as well as ski, designated for tourists in special maps.

Travel Bureau G.Helsinki: Pohjoisesplanadi 19, 00100 Helsinki, bodies.: 169 3757, fax: 169 3839;

Tourism Development Center (Background Service for Tourists throughout Finland): Etelaesplanadi 4, bodies.: 4030 1300, 40301211.

Hunting. In Finnish Karelia, usually hunt wild pigeons, hares, bears, deer.

Mushrooms and berries will delight the most avid mushrooms. Boroviki, boosaine and other favorite mushrooms in Russia in Finland are not particularly valued, champignons are considered the most delicious.

Fishing in Finland beautiful. Traditional shape of winter fishing – catching a short fishing rod through a hole in the ice. Typical catch – pike, perch, trout.

In Finland, it is forbidden: to cause damage to birds, to dry fires, collect dry branches or moss, drive a car. sawing or damageing growing trees, throwing garbage, catch fish or hunt without a license, disrupt peace of the inhabitants (for example, break the camp or catch the fish too close to residential buildings).

Telephone Emergency in Helsinki – 112. Police – 10022, ambulance – 112, fire protection – 112.

Embassy of the our Federation in Finland: Tehtaankatu 1 V, FIN-00140 Helsinki, bodies.: 358+ 66 18 76, Fax: 358+ 66 10 06.

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