What weight luggage is allowed in the plane?

One of the most frequently asked passenger questions concerns baggage weight. In this article, we will consider this question in more detail.

The first thing you should remember:

Permissible baggage weight &# 8211; this is not a single rate. It depends on the airline, directions where you are flying and the tariff for which is purchased.

Some airline in Economic Class Allowed Luggage Weight 20 kg, Other 23.

When flying to Europe or in Russia, most airlines permits to take 1 luggage point weighing 20 or 23 kg, but with a flight in the USA or Canada 2 places for 20-23 kg.

In addition, many airlines have introduced discount rates, tickets are cheaper on them, but you can take less, as a rule, the maximum weight is limited 10-15 kg.

Therefore, do not look for a universal response, go to the airline’s website, in section &# 8220; luggage&# 8221; You will always find the right and relevant information.

However, there is one universal rule, it concerns the maximum allowable weight of one place of baggage, t.E. Your suitcase.

Maximum luggage weight in the plane

Maximum weight is limited not only by the requirements of airlines, but also trade union movers who work at airports.

What weight luggage is allowed in the plane

As a rule, they will not raise a suitcase weighing over 32 kg. True, in some places and lower norms, but it is rarely in small airports.

What if your weight of your suitcase is over 32 kg?

Option only two:

  • Shift some of things to another bag. Limit in 32 kg concerns not baggage as a whole, namely weighing one suitcase. For an additional fee, you can take 2 suitcase 32 kg, the main thing is that the weight of one luggage place was not more than 32 kg.
  • Register your luggage like oversized. It is also for an additional fee. Please note that such baggage can be transported only after prior approval with the carrier, when booking or a few days before departure, contact the airline and put it that you are planning to carry non-standard baggage.

On oversized baggage there are also its limits, as a rule, the maximum allowable weight &# 8211; 50 kg. If your luggage, more precisely, the cargo weighs more, will they carry it to depend on whether the airport has special equipment for loading and unloading or not.

What weight luggage is allowed in the plane
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