What wearing young carakalpackers. Unusual costume details

I love to look at clothes, really not jeans and t-shirts who make us the same when not always even the floor may be determined, but clothes having historical and national roots.

Today I suggest to get acquainted with the national clothes of young Caracalpachek.

Unfortunately, the authentic Karakalpak national clothing was almost left, before the revolution, no one was collecting her in the republic and did not specially kept her, well, the Soviet government largely changed the way of life and tradition, these changes touched including clothes.

All the outfits that I will show you, created by the designer azade Nurumbetova on the basis of descriptions, drawings, as well as a small number of preserved clothing from the National Museum of Savitsky.

Let’s start with hats. Girls and young women wore Tubette and Saukel. Saucle is a dense round hat with headphones, richly decorated with metal patterned places and pendants, colored stones and beads, mainly coral. On the forehead of the girl sinks heavy metal blossom – the zhyga, which is also decorated with carvings and stones. His form of Saucle very much reminds the helmet of the warrior.

Under Saucle rushes. Girls and young women have red rims. It was believed that the red color is protected from evil forces and promotes the continuation of the kind. Kimeshek is a triangular fabric, in a slot for the face, and falling on the chest. Kimeshek necessarily decorated with embroidery.

Mandatory Costume Element – Casual Casual Dress – Coilers. The fabric on such dresses was chosen bright, most often red different shades.

Camisole is put on top of the dress – Great. For young women, Camboli sews from silk, plush, velvet bright colors and also decorate it with embroidery.

Another kind of female clothes – Bathrobe – Chapan

Very unusual element of Caracalpak costume – Wrock – Wengs.

What wearing young carakalpackers. Unusual costume details

Another unusual element of the costume – Kolat-Cape Zhegda Zhagda. Zhegda has false Lucava, who are tied behind the back, and wear a ride on the head. From 15 years old girls begin to wear a red gigde, and after 40, the color of the gigda changes on white.

Gate Zhegd usually decorate embroidery, the same as on Kimhek.

The integral part of the Karakalpak costume is silver decorations: a large chest decoration with oval colored stones and suspension – Wakel; Massive bracelets – bilezik; Pansny (Zhuzik); Earrings – Syrga

Of course, I have not shown all the elements of the female national costume of Caracalpachek.

Another part of the collection can be viewed in a small video shot at the festival "Tubette 2020" In Moscow, where Isaada Nurumbetova brought part of his collection.

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