What we take with you? Choosing waterproof clothing.

How we chose membrane clothes?
Here you have a whole range of membrane jackets and trousers offered. On their labels is written a lot of numbers and letters, how to figure out what they mean and what is suitable for you?

Here we will tell you about the main indicators for which you need to pay attention when choosing. If it is strong to go into details and talk, for example, about non-wet and hydrophilic membrane tissues, then this article will be similar to physics lesson. We will omit it and talk about the important!

Membrane fabrics are polymer fabrics. They are under the top of the main cloth, weighing evaporation from the body outside, do not let moisture and wind outside. The membrane is estimated at two main indicators:
Moisture resistance, changes in mm water column, which means the height of the waterproof pressure on the fabric, at which it does not wash.
So, all products that have an indicator below 10.000 mm withstand only the protracted drizzle rain, high humidity, fog and gusty wind. Good in sportswear is considered an indicator from 10.000mm. Such clothes will withstand and storm and strong wind and shower!

Interesting fact: When falling on the knees in the puddle, water pressure occurs 12.000 mm, and under the tourist backpack 8.000mm.

The second indicator vapor permeability changes in g / m2 per day, which means the weight of the total volume of the pair, which has passed through 1 m2 of the fabric per day. All products having an indicator less than 8.000 g / m2 per day are suitable for moving games and walks. For extreme physical exertion and hikes, the indicator from 8 is considered good.000 g / m2 per day.

Great, with numbers figured out, now to the letters.
What is RET indicator? This is a coefficient "breathing" , which evaluates the ability of a material as a barrier for evaporation of sweat from the surface of the body. Than the evaporation coefficient of evaporation below, the smaller the barrier is the material, that is, gives the body to breathe. RET indicator less than 60 is comfort at high loads (running, complex lifting), in such clothes not "Timoknesh". With medium loads, the indicator 60-130ret is sufficiently comfortable. With rates 130-200ret it is better not to move, then do not rim!

And also, let’s say separately about the Gore-Tex membrane. Such an inscription Gore-Tex can be found anywhere, including on shoes. And all these products are more expensive than everyone else, why?

What we take with a selection of waterproof clothes.

Gore-Tex One of the most wear-resistant, water-repellent, breathable, windproof fabrics. The fabric consists of 2 components. The first – PTFE membrane that does not let the water on which 9 billion pores are per square inch. Each time in 20.000 times less water droplets, but 700 times more steam molecule. As a result, water in a liquid state does not penetrate through the fabric, but steam, highlightable by the body, fluently passes out. Gore-Tex provide the necessary respiratory characteristics, moisture resistance and strength at the same time. Respiratory indicators 12.000 g / m2 per day, moisture resistance 30.000 mm, wear resistance 200 hours of continuous washing. The second layer is the heat insulating, it retains the optimal body temperature regardless of weather conditions.
Here is an excuse for the price of the product with Gore-Tex.

Now the main indicators are deciphered, which are found on each membrane product. Now you can evaluate your alleged loads and make a choice!

By the way, a very important point is a care! Wash in water at a temperature not higher than 30-40 degrees, only by liquid means. Do not prescript.

We preferred a membrane jacket with indicators:
Waterproof 15.0000 mm
Air permeability 12.000 g / m2 per day, RET 65
Wind-permeability 100%
Our choice, Marmot Pre Cip Jacket.

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