What treasures hides the valley of fire?

One hundred and fifty million years ago, dinosaurs were dominated on Earth, and on the site of the desert Mohaw had sand dunes. Today, this is a park with the sonorous name of the Fire Valley, in which tourists walk instead of the lever giants. Among the local valleys are even more popular, and even do here Photos – pure pleasure. You would know what contrasts!

Fire Valley State Park (Valley of Fire State Park) – one of the most photographic parks of the United States in which we managed to visit. The fact is that the main part of his formations consists of red sandstone, which in the rays of the sun literally begins to burn fire, creating an incredible contrast with a blue sky and a rare greens. This means that all hunters for impressive frames are simply obliged to visit here.

The park is very diverse and will not let you get bored, especially since it is usually paid to him not so much time by visiting the passage to Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. For someone to see and feel all the beauty and unusualness of the valley, it will be enough to ride through it by car, but it is much better to go to several Tourist trails. They will allow you to touch the formations of sandstone, limestone, shale, both in direct and figuratively. Moreover, mostly the paths are very short and light. In the valley there are a lot of details that need to be viewed and studying, trying to catch and capture.

In this article, I will tell about the places of the Fire Valley, in which we managed to visit Andrews. We had only half a day in stock, but during this time they managed to see quite a lot, though. The main thing is to come to the park early, especially in summer, is not quite hot. At the same time you can see the dawn and how «Take up» Stones. Here we go?

Trails and sights

We found themselves in the fire valley in the midst of summer, namely, at the end of July. Tourists were very little. We can say that they are practically not. What does it say about? Either that in the summer there are not many hunters to walk along the valley in the heat (the temperature was about +45 degrees), or that this park is not very popular at all. This may be due to the fact that the most interest is tasned by the most famous Grand Canyon and the magnificent fun Las Vegas. But believe me if someone drives past the valley of fire, then only for ignorance, because in your own will, few people refuse. For us, this park has become an amazing discovery, because we did not expect to get at least a third of those impressions that they received. I would be happy to have closer there to study all seen and missed places with a greater foundation.

The park has both full-fledged trails, designed for several hours of the campaign, and many short, plus point attractions, the listing of which takes place according to the scheme «I saw-jumped out of the car – photographed, went further».

So, I share all the things that our legs and eyes touched.

Bihavz (Beehives) or «Uli»

Description: If you go to the Fire Valley from Las Vegas, that is, through the Western entrance, «Uli» will be the first thing you see. They demonstrate a unique design created by nature itself. These formations are called, because many of them resemble bee barrels – hives. According to them, it can be seen, as in which direction the wind and water do, as well as trace the layers applied to one or another period of time.

There are no designated trails here, only parking and a picnic area nearby. You can just throw the car and wander among the fiery «ULEV».

Our impressions: Already here began to come awareness that we arrived not in vain. The day promised to be bright! According to the first photographs it became clear that the valley is very photogenic and foresee «Good catch». These Red Mountains wanted to consider and consider, studying all the deepening, folds, layers. It remained only to be surprised at how nature is a skillful artist.

Grade: 9 out of 10.

Arch Rock (Arch Rock) or «Arch»

Description: The loop of the road, leaving the left from Valley Of Fire Hwy, will lead to several interesting places, including the natural arch. I have already described the process of the emergence of these elegant arches, which is quite simple and understandable. It all started with erosion. A small crack under the influence of winds and rains (which you needed the millennium) turned into what we can see today. Someday the arch is so thin, which will collapse, but certainly not so soon, as it may seem.

Our impressions: I will not say that a separately taken Arch looked very fantastic, but in a compartment with the whole environment, the species appeared unusual. This, by the way, one of the favorite frames of Andrews from the Fire Valley. For the sake of him, he even broke the rule prohibiting climbing the rock. Arch itself, he, of course, did not disturb))

Grade: 7 out of 10.

Mauses Tank Road (Mouse’s Tank Road)

Description: This road separating in half the Valley Of Fire highway departs a clear perpendicular to the north and, as if beads, draws trails and separate interesting points. She herself is a full-fledged attraction, because the incredible landscapes of the Fire Valley open from it.

Our impressions: It seems to me that this road should be on foot in general, because I want to stop so often, but there are so few parking lots that you have to skip half of wonderful frames. For our time, at that time, there is still a short journey through the states, they realized that in the collection there will be a lot of pictures with the participation of roads, especially since they are so accurate in the US.

Grade: 10 of 10.

Mousez Tank (Mouse’s Tank) or «Tank Maus» + Petroglyph Canyon (PetroGlyph Canyon)

Description: strange name at the place, though? Now I will explain what. Mouse – This is the surname of some uncle-renegade, which was hiding in the local places at the end of the nineteenth century. It should be noted, a pretty place he picked up. A «tank», Because in this place there is a kind of natural pool, in which rainwater accumulates. Sometimes it stands here up to several months, because it is somewhat problematic.

In addition to everything, prehistoric petroglyphs, which can admire any tourist on the slopes of the canyon. Surprisingly, they are so well preserved.

Starting point: Mouse’s Tank Trailhead.
Length: 0.7 miles / 1.1 km (back).
Surface: sand.

Our impressions: In general, the place is not the most interesting in the valley of fire. Is it curious to look out for petroglyphs on the slopes, but not in the forty-portus heat)) we wanted to quickly escape, especially since it was completely inconvenient to go on the sand. By the way, petroglyphs can be seen in one place that we slipped past – Atlatl Rock (ATLATL ROCK). There is a staircase leading to a platform from which you can consider ancient letters.

Grade: 6 out of 10.

Rainbow Vista (Rainbow Vista) or «Rainbow View»

Description: First, with Rainbow Vista, you can see multicolored breeds extending to the north. They seem to be alone on another, forming «Radugu». Secondly, you can walk in a small trail and see puff breeds near and even touch. Believe me, it is impossible to resist.

Starting point: Rainbow Vista Trailhead.
Length: 1 mile / 1.6 km (back-trip).
Surface: sand.

Our impressions: This point is very cool, because it opens one of the most beautiful species. Little things that can be met in a trailer are no less interesting. They want to look at, suck, find new and without stopping to take pictures. Highly «Appetizing» place))

Grade: 10 of 10.

Fire Canyon / Silica House (Fire Canyon / Silica Dome) or «Fire Canyon»/«Silica dome»

Description: The point with a view of a fiery color canyon and a silica dome. Looking at the canyon, it seems like someone picked up tons of red souffle of bizarre forms, because the sandstone looks very air and vessels.

What treasures hides the valley of fire

Our impressions: Canyon beautiful, what to say. Here you can get a great panorama that Andrews and did, only her «glue» and treat, I hope he will ever reach this hand, and we boast of it. But the Silica House was not impressed at all, did not even understand why this place was designated separately and he was paid so much attention. Is that due to unique geological properties…

Grade: 7 out of 10.

White Doms Loop or «White dome»

Description: Diverse trail, walking in which, you can see multicolored expanses, and narrow canyon, and sandy patterns, and so-called «window», and dome. This is a circular trail. If you go around it clockwise, you will first have to descend on the stony ledge (this suggests that it is better to move in such a direction so that it does not have to scramble up).

Starting point: White Domes Trailhead.
Length: 1 mile / 1.6 km (one way, circular trail).
Surface: Sand, soil.

Our impressions: Like all other trails in which we walked, we can safely recommend White-Dom-Trail to visit. In my opinion, the most interesting here – Canyon with all his trifles, textures and exiled wind patterns.

Grade: 8 out of 10.

Fire Waves or «Fiery waves»

Description: «Waves» – True Masterpiece Fire Valley! Without any exaggerations. Exactly «Wavy» Photos I saw on the Internet while preparing for the journey and, in fact, only thanks to them we were in the park. Imagine what was the surprise and disappointment when we traveled most of the points marked on the scheme, and «wave» never found, and even the names of such a map did not mean. The situation began to remind the story with crawling stones from the Death Valley. It’s good that we drove to the city center and asked Ranger, where this beauty is located. To the question, a cute woman poked her handle into some kind of card and told how to find a cherished place. Thank you for this great!

Starting point: Fire Waves Trailhead (See our map at the end of the article).
Length: 0.6 miles / 0.95 km (one way).
Surface: Sand, rock.

Our impressions: They walked enough and looked forward to when the beauty that saw in the pictures will appear. And when she appeared, it remains only to say «Wow!». It was exactly what was expected to see – Like spreading orange-milk-colored rocks under the sun. It is useless to describe it, so I will show))

Grade: 10 of 10.

Elephant Rock (Elephant Rock Loop) or «Elephant»

Description: Another arch valley of fire, only an unusual. Why? Because in shape resembles an elephant.

Starting point: Elephant Rock Trailhead.
Length: 1.2 miles / 1.9 km (one way, circular trail).
Surface: Sand, soil.

Our impressions: Funny things. If you find yourself there, correct our error and take a picture of the elephant on the other hand, from the rear, so to speak. With such an angle, it looks prettier. We did not guessed, because they were very hurry to go further, in the direction of the lamb of Hoover and Prescotta.

Grade: 7 out of 10.

On this, our acquaintance from the valley of the fire ended. Friends, we stayed delighted, I hope you too. I do not expect yourself, got into a real treasury. If you knew in advance, they would plan more time on this fleet, as many places had to skip.

What treasures hides the valley of fire

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