What treasures hides the valley of fire? Part 2

Details about some of them can be found here.

Recommendations and advice on the valley of fire

  • In the summer in the valley of the fire, it is very hot, so planning and counting in advance where you can go, but where no.
  • About housing, if you want to spend the night in the park, it is better to clarify information in advance. I will not claim, but it seemed to me that our visit camping were closed, although there are no references to the fact that they cease to work for the summer period.
  • In winter, the temperature in the park is significantly reduced and at night can be only about zero degrees – Take warm things.
  • Try to be in the park at dawn or sunset – We will witness an unforgettable game of light.

Read also general advice and recommendations for visiting parks.

How to get to the park

It is convenient to get to the park alone by car. There is also an option to get in the organized group from Las Vegas. Distance from cities and parks See here.

Rent a car at a great price for a trip to the Fire Valley and other places can be found at Pricaine. If the proposed options do not fit, try searching here.

Accommodation in the valley of fire

Pro Valley campgrounds Fire I wrote in this article. There are also information about other options that can be used in the absence of free seats in camps.

Massive hikes for valley, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

What treasures hides the valley of fire part 2

Maps with attractions and trails

Our map

  • Red dots – Attractions and Trails
  • Blue dots are the main roads
  • Black Dots – Campgrounds
  • Raspberry points – entrances and visitors
  • Yellow dots – attractions in the vicinity

Scheme of trails from the official site

I also like Wikimapia, maybe you will come in handy.

Good to know

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Comments (10)

Very picturesquely, really just want to grab the camera. ))

Sheboldasik 03.01.2015

Luda, agree 100%! Ourselves did not expect such beauty, thought easier. Such impressions when you get more than counting, the brightest. States know how to surprise))

Some pictures resemble a color canyon in Egypt. But in general, apparently, more interesting and more diverse.

Nice to read your notes saturated with useful tips!

Oh, it is a pity that we are practically and were not in Egypt. Apparently, it would be interesting to ride.

As for notes – Thanks to Sheboldasik, she has the main proper guidebook and other notes. You are planning to travel?

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