What tour operators fly to Turkey

Therefore, the tourist industry is satisfied with the stable demand for Turkish directions by increasing the number of regular flights.

Now from 11 our cities fly to Turkey more than a hundred regular flights. In August, how can you judge by the number of applications, the number of flights can grow to 123. The main number of passengers by carriers in Antalya remains TURKISH AIRLINES and «Aeroflot» From Moscow, and Pegasus Airlines from Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. They use most tour operators.

Company «Biblio Globus» fly by ships «Aeroflot», «Russia» And Turkish Airlines. On the operator’s website, the flight schedule of Russia from Moscow has been scheduled from Moscow from mid-July and from St. Petersburg from the beginning of August.

«Pegas Touristik» Flying from Moscow mainly on Turkish Airlines using resources «Aeroflot» Only on request. From Novosibirsk and Krasnodar The company transports tourists to Turkey by Pegasus Airlines airplanes. At the end of August, it is planned to open a message Nord Wind from Kazan, Ufa, Perm and Samara in Dalaman and «Ural Airlines» From Moscow to Bodrum.

From July 24, Coral Travel flights from Krasnodar on the Pegasus Airlines airplanes, and Novosibirsk is connected to this company. Both routes will serve Boeing – 737 four times a week. July 30, Coral Travel opens the flight program from Saratov. Flying will be aircraft Embraer-195 companies «Saratov Airlines» two times a week. From July 25, the tour operator will offer seven flights a week to Turkish Airlines airplanes, then the number of flights a week will double.

Sunmar company stated tours with aircraft carriage «Aeroflot» and Turkish Airlines from Moscow and Pegasus Airlines from the regions.

V «Natalie Tours» report that the use of TURKISH Airlines flights and «Aeroflot». Additionally, Azerbaijan Airlines and Utair Aviation will be used as docking.

Representatives of Anex Tour reported that the flights on Turkish direction are planned to be carried out only from Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. PEGASUS AIRLINES company airplanes will fly. The exact date of the start of flight programs from Moscow is not yet specified.

What tour operators fly to Turkey

V «Pegas Touristik» celebrate even demand for Turkey, which exactly corresponds to the volume of transportation, which is now on the market. Some travel agencies say that global plans for Turkey are not yet built for caution considerations. Prices for tours, one way or another, remain high.

The cost of short programs lasting up to 5 days for two tour operators is now starting from 55 thousand. rubles. The price of a weekly tour for two starts with 70 thousand. rubles. At the same time, the difference in the price of recreation for the same period and in the same hotel can significantly depend on the airline. For example, seven days for two living in 4-star May Garden Club Hotel with Turkish Airlines flight will cost 85 thousand. rubles, and when flight «Aeroflot» – Already 115 thousand. rubles. Many hotels offer huge discounts – up to 80 percent. For example, there are special offers for seven-nine-day tours with some 4 star hotels, where the announced value is 65—66 thousand. rubles instead of nominal 115-125 thousand.

«From tourists receive requests for a variety of recreation options – from budgetary three-star hotels to whole villas. However, 4-5-star hotels remain the most demanded. The price difference is sometimes very big. So, a week trip for two with accommodation in 4 * hotel on the system «all inclusive» nominally cost in 70 thousand. rubles. And for the same amount another, a more discerning person, will be able to find an option with a five-star hotel», – Marina Makarkova, Head of the Public Relations Department CORAL TRAVEL.

As Natalia Osipova said – up. Director of the Alliance Travel Agencies – Despite the relatively small number of applications, people are still ready to spend on vacation 150-180 thousand. rubles for two. «Basically choose good «Five», – Specified Natalia Osipov.

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