What tour operators closed in 2014

Due to the unstable economic situation and the fall of the ruble exchange rate, the demand for the services of tour operators over the past year has decreased more than half, which is why 2014 can be called the most «black» For the entire tourist industry of Russia since the collapse of the USSR.

About, what kind exactly Tour operators closed over the past year, and among them was not enough «Giants» tour operator market, let’s talk in more detail.

1. Tour operator «Versa» – I stopped working on September 15, 2014, and first planned to leave only from outbound tourism, deciding to continue to make the reception of foreigners in St. Petersburg, but the news about the suspension of international activities pushed partners and customers, because of which the company was generally closed. At the time of the announcement of the termination of activities abroad there were about 9,000 customers, and almost 6,000 rounds were sold for the coming months.

2. Tour operator «South Cross» – The major Moscow tour operator stopped existence on September 10, 2014. It was not beautiful, leaving more than 5.5 thousand tourists without full compensation for a raid rest. Customers received 20% from the insurer from the stated value of tours, since the volume of non-complete obligations of the tour operator exceeded the limit under the insurance contract.

3. Tour operator «Solvelex-Turna» – This famous St. Petersburg tour operator stopped activities on September 8, 2014, causing damage to more than 6 thousand tourists in the amount of almost 200 million. rubles. The head of the company is under house arrest.

4. Tour operator «Airliner-Dv» – ceased to operate on August 31 due to the Demarish airline «Orenburg Airlines». This is the only and decent company from our entire list, bankrupt no fault of your leadership. As a result of this bankruptcy, about 1000 tourists suffered.

5. Tour operator «Atlas» – It was founded in St. Petersburg in 1991, he was a small multidisciplinary tour operator and served about 1000 tourists per month. Conducted activities on August 22, causing damage to more than 150 customers in the amount of 10 million rubles.

6. Tour operator «Wind wanders» – ceased on August 15, 2014, and quite original. On the bankruptcy of the company, the Turner learned from its employees from the letter published on the official website, which reported that the director of Lyubov Sergeevna Agafonov suddenly disappeared, and employees are no longer able to continue to work and be responsible for the company’s activities.

7. Tour operator «Labyrinth» – went bankrupt on August 2, 2014, after the airline «Orenburg Airlines» stopped cooperation with him. The tour operator increased the volume of customers at the expense of a constant dumping on the tourist, but the cash received from tens of thousands of tourists was not spent on the payment of hotels and tickets, but settled in the pockets of the leadership, which is now in the international wanted list. From bankruptcy «Labyrinth» almost 25,000 tourists suffered, the total amount of their insurer requirements – Almost 2.5 billion. rubles. Due to lack of insurance funds Customers «Labyrinth» received up to 7.6% of the cost of their torn, but paid tours.

eight. Tour operator «Nordic Star» – A small St. Petersburg tour operator on the Baltic States and Scandinavia, which became famous for the whole country only due to the cessation of activities on August 6, during the summer of 2014 summer bankruptcies. The amount of damage to tourists – About 500 thousand rubles, which is just a penny, in comparison with the Neva and the labyrinth. Nevertheless, the owner of the tour operator, 38-year-old Estonian citizen Oliver Olllin, is still in the run, somewhere in his homeland.

What tour operators closed in 2014

nine. Tour operator «Intaer» – was «Gray mouse» In the our tour operator market, he worked and worked since 1992, it was not particularly highlighted until she went bankrupt on August 5, 2014. In total, about 548 tourists suffered from this bankruptcy, which paid compensation «Reso-guarantee». Since the amount of Intaer’s obligations exceeded the limit under the insurance contract, the damage to tourists was reimbursed in proportion to the amount of the stated requirements.

ten. Tour operator «Expo-tour» – Suspended activities July 30, 2014. About 1,000 people suffered from bankruptcy of this St. Petersburg company.

eleven. Tour operator «Rose winds world» – Suspended activities on July 25, 2014, with the result that about 700 tourists were affected directly or indirectly.

12. Tour operator «Neva» – stopped activities on July 16, 2014 after a series of problems with the settlement of its customers in hotels in foreign resorts. Some of the oldest tour operators of the country left the market is not very beautiful, as a one-day company, putting «Pig» to their tourists, since insured their responsibility by almost 0.5 billion. rubles in a small little-known insurance company «Climbing», bankrupt after the tour operator. As a result, customers «Not you» Received meager compensation – up to 20% of the cost of their torn, but paid tours.

13. Tour operator «Inarti Voyage» – stopped activities on February 12, 2014. The company went very quietly and decently, without leaving behind the collision of abandoned tourists and unpaid bills.

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