What tour operators are the most reliable?

Nobody wants to at the midst of a vacation to be seized from the hotel or get stuck at the airport for tens of thousands of kilometers from the homeland. In this article we will tell potential tourists about firms working in the our tourist market and possessing solid «Flavor of strength».

The purpose of the article – Direct your search tour operator by the right path. We did not look for an answer to the question: what tour operators can open? In this case, the right way – This is a choice of a company possessing «Profile assets» in the form of own hotels and airlines. Full guarantee of reliability This, of course, does not give, bankruptcy can be subjected to a large rich company.

However purchasing a tour of the company – The owner of hotels and aircraft, you can count, in case of unfavorable turning of events, at least for compensation for our expenses through court. And not to be «Broken Cherdy», When it turns out that all the property of the bankrupt travel agencies – computer, table and chair in a rented office.


The large hotel has its own network in different countries TUI – The largest European tour operator working on the our market. The property TUI whole chains of well-known tourists around the world: Riu, Jaz Resort, Club Magic Life, Iberotel, Suntopia and others.

Large our tour operator Pegas Touristik It has nine its own comfortable hotels in Egypt, at the most popular resorts – Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

our company Tez Tour It features two five-star hotel Amara Dolce Vita 5 * and Amara Club Marine 5 * Amara World on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

The company is widely known in the our tourist market Coral Travel Included in the major international structure of OTI, which owns popular Turkish five-star hotels Xanadu Resort, Otium Eco Club Side, Otium Seven Seas, Otium Hotel Life.


What tour operators are the most reliable

Samoa «Secured» own air transport by the tourist company in the our market again is TUI, in her property – The largest charter fleet in Europe – Several airlines, including Tuifly, with a total of aircraft < 150. True, our airlines today are not.

Company Pegas Touristik It has the largest our charter airline Nordwind, with a fleet of 32 aircraft, mainly this Boeing 757.

Travel Company Coral Travel Owns a our airline «ROYAL FLIGHT», previously known as «Abakan-Avia», Passenger transportation on five Boeing 757-200.

Tez Tour Owns a our charter airline Ai Fly (I Fly), in the park of which 7 liners like Boeing 757-200 and Airbus A330-300

Of course, we told not about all the tour operators owning the property rights and airlines. Some companies, for obvious reasons, do not very willingly reveal such information. However, we believe, the main landmarks and the direction of the search we are here still give. Search on the network maybe you will find some other information about the profile assets of travel agencies, and this information will be useful in case of a critical situation during your holiday.

What tour operators are the most reliable

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