What to wear on a trip to China in winter?

This is a very interesting question, and the answer to it needs to be given so deployed that he is just worthy of a full-fledged entry in my blog.

Many ours, who ask a similar question, underestimate the size of the country China. Everyone knows about the record population of China, but do not forget that the PRC ranks third in the world in the area of ​​the territory after Russia and Canada. The weather is very different in different provinces – from the island of Hainan, where in the winter you can swim in the sea, to Harban, where the exhibition of ice sculptures in the open air opens every year.

Therefore, we will tell about every tourist region separately.

Beijing is the most popular city from tourists

Winter in Beijing Cool. Of course, it does not compare it with the winter in the central strip of Russia, and there are no 30-degree frosts in the capital of China. -10 degrees on the Celsius scale – this is a wintering rate for Beijing. The snow also falls out, but the thick snow cover is not the norm.

But do not decease. In Beijing in winter, strong winds blow and chances to freeze and, more worse, get sick, very great. It is especially warm to warm when traveling to the great Chinese wall, as the tourist sections of the walls are in the mountains, and the wind is just awful there. In our cycle, it is a lot of photos, on which it is clearly visible, we also have a video about how the wind has risen from the flagpole flag of China. See, it is very entertaining.

On an excursion to the Palace of the Googun (Forbidden City), it should also be thoroughly insulated. Palace complex is completely in the open sky, and walk on it for several hours. With the church of the sky and the area of ​​Tiananmen all the same.

Move here easier and cheaper than the Metro Beijing. In the local subway slightly cool, you do not freeze in it and do not care, this is not Moscow metro.

Conclusions: Winter in Beijing dress warm, just as we go in Russia.

Shanghai – Southern Capital of China

In Shanghai much warmer, then she and the southern capital of China. The air temperature rate for Shanghai is from +2 to +5 degrees. But do not forget how the name of the city is translated – "Road to the Sea". From the sea is often blowing a very cold and unpleasant wind.

By good luck, all the most interesting for tourists in Shanghai is located in the room – this is the famous Aquarium, and the Shanghai Museum, and the Phone of the Pearl of the East. Three important attractions are in the air – this is a garden of joy, Shanghai Zoo and the embankment of the Pund.

Conclusions: in Shanghai you need to dress enough warmly in case of wind. Ordinary winter clothes that we wear in Russia will fit. Coat or warm jacket are required, but it’s not worth the warm.

Acode Hainan – All-China Resort

Hainan is a year-round resort. You can even swim in the sea even in winter, and the temperature of the air and water is approximately the same. Norm day – it is 23-24 degrees. Do not immediately wear a Hawaiian shirt, because in the evening it can be quite cool, and after planting, placing a Chinese visa and going out into the air, you can feel uncomfortable.

Conclusions: During the day, wear light clothes, but on the evening there is a sweater.

Guangzhou – the former capital of China and Hong Kong

These two cities are nearby. Even there is a metro station on which a border crossing is organized. Recall that Hong Kong is a separate territory with its laws and visa regime.

It’s very warm edges. The daily air temperature rate is 10-12 degrees. It is for these reasons for shopping lovers, we recommend these cities in the first place, and not Beijing who choose most tourists. In addition, in Hong Kong a softest tax regime, and everything is cheaper than in neighboring continental China.

The wind from the sea is also present here, but it is not so penetrating and cold as in Shanghai.

What to wear on a trip to China in winter

Conclusion: Dress in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in winter can be easily. Autumn jacket or windbreaker will be enough.

Hubei and Sichuan

In these provinces, the weather is similar, although they are far from each other – about 1000 kilometers. This is due to the fact that both of these parts of China are in the depths of the mainland.

Winter rate for the city of Wuhan and Compassion – 8-10 degrees. And, most importantly, there are no winds here. Even if you go for a long excursion to the Panda Zoo in Compassion or in the uhang zoo, I will not experience any discomfort in a simple jacket.

Large part of the sights of Uhanny are outdoors. During the last our visit, we were there just in January. You can see gallery photos from a tour to the tower of a yellow crane or the Temple Guiyang. You will see that visitors are dressed enough.

Of course, besides merchants who have to spend a lot of time in air, they have to warm.

Conclusions: Dress the jacket, and you will be comfortable.

Harbin – the northernmost city of China

Of course, he is the northernmost, but not so northern to dress ten jackets. It is 1200 kilometers northeast of Beijing. By the way, the city of Vladivostok is located near the East about the same latitude.

Normal temperature during the day from -10 to -15 degrees. Harbin is much more than Beijing looks like cities of the middle strip of Russia, there is more often.

Conclusions: Heat, at night can be very cold – up to -25 degrees. And even frosts in thirty degrees happen here, although it is considered an extraordinary event for Harban.

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