What to wait for tourists from Jasmine Revolution-2 in Tunisia?

According to reviews, the resignation of Hamady Al-Jebali, Prime Minister of Tunisia, can lead to a new twist of tension in society and even a new revolution in the country, in the past one of the most stable and secular in the Arab world.

It is public stability and a minimum of religious restrictions annually attract a huge number of tourists in Tunisia, mainly from Europe.

Zigzagi «Jasmine revolution»

Hamady Al-Jebali motivated his retirement care failed attempt to form an independent government, which would be, by his plan, «non-party government technocrats». The need for such a government arose after the rapid events caused by the murder of a prominent oppositionist Shukri Belide. His death was transferred «Jasmine revolution» In Tunisia in the next active phase, thousands of opponents of the ruling Islamist regime came to the streets of the cities, during street clashes were killed and wounded.

Now, due to the departure of Hamady Al-Jebali, analysts expect increased influence of Islamists, a new turn of their confrontation with supporters of secular power in Tunisia and the overall growth of instability in this North African country. And, as a result, reducing the flow of tourists, which can finally undermine the already «fading» Economy of the once prosperous country.

Tour profotock is dried?

Tourism – Traditionally, one of the main income articles (about 7% of GDP) of the Tunisian treasury. Tourists attract to this country the opportunity to relax at any time of the year in the Mediterranean resorts and get acquainted with the historical sights of the Times of Carthage and the Roman Empire, many of them have been made to UNESCO to the World Cultural Heritage List.

What to wait for tourists from Jasmine Revolution-2 in Tunisia

Developments «Jasmine revolution», beginning in Tunisia at the end of 2010, negatively affected tour bond. There were once crowded streets of the seaside towns, and their residents felt a decline in their only income – from servicing tourists. Unemployment in the country grew by 17%. In 2012, due to some stabilization of the situation in Tunisia, the turmpotok increased, although he did not reach the pre-revolutionary indicators. And now – Premiere resignation and alarming expectations of a new decline.

Perhaps, cost…

Are gloomy predictions regarding the reduction of the tourist flow in Tunisia to the ours? As it is neither paradoxical, tourists from our country for the time passed after the start «Jasmine revolution», Increased. Ambassador to Tunisia in Russia Ali Gutali called the following numbers: 180 thousand of our compatriots visited the country in 2010, «calm» year, and 250 thousand – in past.

It remains only to guess which motifs are driven by our tourists departing in Tunisia, despite the risk associated with political instability: concerns that this beautiful country will close for foreigners (there are calls for the creation of some «Tunisian Khaliphata»), or hope for traditional our «AB»?

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