What to visit in the Hague

The first to go to the traveler binnesthod is Giant complex, consisting of a variety of old buildings that are the main pearl of the city, without which the Hague would not.

The second most important place can be bolded to call Small castle readerrzall or famous called knightly hall. Not a big building made in the Gothic style, this small castle is very atmospheric, hitting it, you feel in ancient Europe in the times of knights and monarchs.

Also, being in the Hague is impossible not Visit the Palace of Mira, in which the UN court meetings occur. The palace himself was built in the twentieth century and surrounded by a park in seven hectares. If you want to see an example Architecture of medieval Europe, then visit the old town hall. Locals are often called an Ice Palace, before this building was a government meeting. If you want to see a place where the children of the Kirov family of the Netherlands are you need to visit Church of St. Jacob. In addition, the Church of St. Jacov is the most old building of the whole Hague.

If you want to relax on the beach and buy in the sea, we invite you to the area Scheveningen, Many entertainment, long sandy beaches that wash the North Sea, help you relax and relax.

Being on the beaches of the Hague, visit and Pierce Schveeningen, According to local residents, there you can observe the most beautiful sunsets and dawn over the sea, but hurry, as Pierce is gradually collapsed for corrosion reasons, nevertheless, local Power diligently work, To save Pierce. Also adults and especially children will like the Park miniature Matynodam, visiting this museum you can see beautiful Holland in miniature.

Also if you want to relax visit Park Klingendal, Very unusual and beautiful park that was divided into two zones, the first is Dutch zone, And the second has Japanese style, With sakura and verandas made in Japanese stylistics. Also among the parks of the city, Westbrooke Park is highlighted, in the park, medieval sculptures and beautiful nature with many different colors are well combined.

What to visit in the Hague

If you want to get new emotions and knowledge from your journey, then visit one of the local museums, one of the best Museum Prison Gate. The museum will tell you about the castle of Binnenkh and many other things from the history of Holland.

Also on the background of many museums highlights the museum called Museum, Here you can see many unique and unusual exhibits in the form of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures, which is currently extinct. Also visit Museum Lowvmanna, In this museum you can see hundreds of various vintage cars from different parts of the world.

Visit Hagu Be sure to, If you are traveling by the Netherlands. Many different interesting museums and corners of nature will not leave you indifferent.

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