What to visit in South America

South America – Continent with rich culture and historical heritage. Here is available Many sights, who should not lose sight of people traveling around the country.


Peru known to the whole world in the fact that there were powerful in the territory of this country Empire Incov, as well as one of the most developed civilizations of the world – Norte Chico. Tourists visiting Peru can enjoy the magnificent nature and hot, tropical climate of this country. Here you can find arid plains not far from the shore Pacific Ocean or visit Mountain Ridges And, Decorated with dense forests. You can go on a journey through Peru only for the sake of the famous ancient city Machu Picchu. It is located at an altitude of 2430 meters and listed UNESCO how Seventh miracle of light Modern Mira.


Brazil – one of the most famous tropics of a young continent. Tourists have a special popularity of festive Rio de Janeiro, What is not surprising, because it is located between the beaches, a mountain massif and a rainforest. This is an interesting city, known for its dancing, restaurants and many interesting places for visiting. Tourists can enjoy the view of the famous Statue of Christ-Redeemer Or study Favels, so-called slum suburbs.


Chile Perfect for tourists looking for adventures. Here you can find a large number of rainforest, mountain ranges, lagoon and magnificent sandy beaches. It is extremely recommended to visit 3 famous Chilean volcanoes: Villaric, Chilean and Llama. However, the most famous landmark of this country – Easter Island, Attracting thousands of tourists from around the world over the years. The mystery of these stones has not yet been solved by any of the scientists or archaeologists.


What to visit in South America

One of the most colorful and bright cities of South America Buenos Aires is in Argentina. Here, tourists can hope for an exotic kitchen and refined wine. City that is also called Paris South America, It can offer its visitors a lot of architectural monuments and beauty of nature. Tourists will form the majestic Waterfalls Iguazu, the coast of the Atlantic and the And Mountain Ridges.


From all countries of South America Venezuela best suited for Beach holidays. The beach here will strike at 2800 kilometers. Tourists will repent the most beautiful types of numerous beaches and tropical landscapes. Here tourists will be offered to visit Angel Waterfall and Sand Dunes, not far from Koro.


Colombia – a real country of contrasts, combining impassable jungle, slum areas and modern cities with developed infrastructure. Here you can get up stunning nature and get acquainted with pleasant people. As a tourist destination, it is recommended to choose the Paradise Islands San Andreas Or rest on Caribbean Kartagena resort. Despite stereotypes and erroins, the inhabitants of Colombia lead healthy lifestyle: Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, and bicycles choose as a means of movement.

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