What to visit in Iceland?

Iceland is the northern country rich in natural attractions whose visits are captured by the Spirit.


Studying Iceland worth starting with this small city, famous numerous museums, temples and naturally, natural attractions. Tourists are invited to visit the whale museum, as well as one of the oldest wooden churches, which is the symbol of faith in local residents. Having traveled to Husavik, it is necessary to pay time to visiting geothermal sources with healing properties.

Waterfall Gudelfoss

Excursion to Iceland will be incomplete without visiting The largest waterfall of countries– Gudelfoss. It includes two steps, a height of 11 and 21 meters. Next to the waterfall flows the Ice River Cituau, to see which will be no less interesting than Gudelfoss.


Iceland is a country rich in not only natural beauties, but also internally architectural structures. Hadlgrimskire is a Lutheran Cathedral, built in Modern style. Thanks to its height It can be seen from any point Reykjavik. From the inside the church is no less impressive than outside. Its interior is made in the Gothic style and decorated with traditional nem.

Dettifoss waterfall

A trip to Iceland will be incomplete without visiting The most powerful waterfall of Europe – Dettifoss. This natural attraction is located in the country’s National Park with a difficult-to-call name Yekyulsurglev├╝hv├╝. The place is so picturesque that was used for filming the film "Prometheus".

Blue Lagoon

Blue Laguna is a real Pride of Iceland. Each tourist who wants to improve his health is obliged to visit this geothermal source. In addition, there is a lake rich in mineral water.


What to visit in Iceland

Askya is one of the most mysterious places in the country. In the center of Iceland, you can enjoy the view of an amazing lake formed in the depths of the volcano. Before you reach this attraction, tourists will have to go through endless lavva fields. Local residents believe that here for incomprehensible reasons People disappear.

Colored mountains Landmannoyar

You can enjoy the cream of paints by visiting the amazing colored mountains of Landmannoyar. This is one of The most unique attractions of the country, which is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. Not far from them are geothermal sources with healing waters. The riot of paints succeeded due to volcanic Riates and enclosure of a huge amount of minerals.

Valley Geyser Haykadalyur

Valley of Geysers – is one ofAnymorely visited places of the country. She is located near the town of Reykjavik. Total here you can see about 40 geysers. The valley will leave the tourists indelible impressions and will feel that the planet is a living organism.

Whale fjord

Whale fjord is in the west of Iceland. He received his name thanks Large whale, who swimmed into it. From time to time they can be seen right from the shore. This is a picturesque place where tourists come to enjoy nature and relax from the city fuss.

What to visit in Iceland

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