What to visit in Finland during vacation

In Europe, many countries, but The Northern Country itself is Finland. But, despite the fact that the country is in the north, there are wonderful places in it, to visit them by tourists, after visiting tourists there are many emotions. There is a magnificent nature in the country, which is so manitis to make a journey through the country. And every year a lot of tourists arrive in the country to visit the sights of the country.

The capital is the ancient city of Helsinki. It is considered one of the remarkable cities of Finland. In the city everyone will be able to find what he likes.

There are many different attractions in the country, they include castles, religious buildings and natural parks. What to see in the country? For guests of the country issued a map of attractions. Find interesting sights in the map just. If you use it, then you can relax in the country is interesting and full.

the country’s castles

There are many medieval castles, one of them is Turku. The date of its construction is considered XIII century. He is considered a monument of Finnish history. At the XVI century witnessed the blossoming of his. During this period, there were rooms in the Renaissance style. The most interesting place in the castle is a prison, and in the attic of a museum.

Every year in the castle themed exhibitions, which are devoted to significant dates and events in the country.

In Finland, you can visit and the ruins of a medieval castle. They lie in Raseborg, in the village of Snappertuna. It was erected in 1374, while the rock on which it is located, was surrounded by water, so it served as an outpost on the Baltic Sea against the pirates. Since 1890, the castle is gradually reduced.

His restore started in late 1890 and then Raseborg has been renovated several times. But to fully restore it could not, because there is no data on its original form. Now restored to all load-bearing walls of the castle, which are covered with a roof, restored tiers and stairways.

Cathedral in Porvoo

In Porvoo there a beautiful cathedral, it was built in the XV century on the site of the old church. His and looted and burned, but its still being restored. Last time it was restored in 2008. It fits 800 people. The cathedral is decorated in sea style. In 1723 the cathedral was given the status of a cathedral, when the city became a our Vyborg.

And in 1809 the cathedral was declared the accession of Finland to Russia as an autonomous Grand Duchy. From that moment began the Finnish statehood.

What to visit in Finland during vacation

In the town of Mikkeli has lookout tower Naysvuori, it is the highest point of the city. Hill under the tower is called "women’s mountain". Because during the our-Finnish war, women gathered on the hill and watch the battle.

It was built in the 30 – ies of XX century. At the top can be reached by elevator, its height is 40 meters. Since it can be seen all the sights and destinations. But due to weather conditions, it is open from May to August.

Natural parks in Finland

In Finland, there is a beautiful Landscape Park Marquette. It is located in the city of Espoo. In 1997 it was opened for the purpose of landscape exhibition. Many companies are looking for, where you can place your garden and landscaping products. The park is divided into sections. In this park every year an exhibition held landscape.

In Helsinki, there is a house of nature &# 8211; villa Elfvik. It is located in a nature reserve in the north Laayalahti. It is a quiet place, which is overgrown with reeds, it nesting water birds. It was built in 1904 for baroness Elvira Standersheld. When she died, the house was transferred to the city. It was restored, and all nature lovers go to the house of English style to rest.

For all who are tired of European resorts and attractions that are visited by millions of tourists every year, and you want something – something new, something they need to visit this northern country. She had just started to open for travelers.

What to visit in Finland during vacation

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