What to visit in China

China is a mysterious country that keeps the centuries-old history. For many years, for many years, its most special attractions "Middle Kingdom" Attracts quite a few tourists. Amazing palaces, unearthly beauty parks, indescribable landscapes – all this can be found in China.

Charming sights of China:

  • Hangzhou and Suzhou
  • Shaolin
  • Underwater cities
  • Rice terraces Honghe-Hani
  • Forbidden city
What to visit in China

Hangzhou and Suzhou

Paradise on earth or two Chinese cities – Hangzhou and Suzhou, attracting their heavenly beauty. Previously, these were prosperous large cities in which most rich. Now Hangzhou and Suzhou – Tourist treasure, abounding the beauty of his gardens and parks. Distances between cities is less than 100km, which allows you to visit both of these delightful places in a few days.


One of old Buddhist monasteries Located in Henan Province. The monastery is based on V in.N.NS., And today is one of the most famous attractions of the Middle Kingdom. The complex is divided by 36 halls, which were previously intended for students of the monastery. The appearance of Shaolin attracts attention at first glance, and in the evening the ensemble Decorate additional lighting, what makes the monastery is only more beautiful.

Underwater cities

Shi Chen and Cheng – Two more amazing places in China. In 1959, the ancient cities, located in the valley, were flooded, but so far their indescribable beauty expects consciousness. At a depth of 40 meters Nearby remaining Elegant buildings decorated in Chinese style. At the moment, visiting the flooded valley is possible only under the supervision of experienced drivers, but work is underway to create a tunnel for tourists. Despite all the difficulties, Excursions are held all year.

Rice terraces Honghe-Hani

System of Terrace, Rice-designed rice, It serves not only for practical purposes, but also is the attraction of China. Hunhe Hani rice terraces are located in Yunan Province and are listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. Cascades of fields resemble mirrors, which gradually descend to the Hongha River. At maximum height, 1-2 kilometers above sea level, an amazing view opens, which has long been loved by professional photographers and ordinary tourists.

Forbidden city

Presently Gogun considered the largest palace complex in the world. Purple Forbidden City is located in Beijing and for several centuriesFloored by the residence of emperors The most powerful dynasties. In the complex there are numbers 8707 rooms, Although in accordance with the initial idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthem should have been 10,000. The territory of the palace complex is surrounded by high walls, and on each of the four corners stand Majestic towers. After passing the meridian gates, a large area appears in front of the visitor, on which golden water flows.

Middle beloved – truly amazing place where collected a huge number of unique attractions. Through these vintage places seeps a centuries-old story, which to this day is an indispensable part of Chinese culture.

What to visit in China

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