What to visit in China

China is a country where the traditions of ancestors and modernity are perfectly combined. Together – it creates an excellent contrast that attracts a large number of tourists.

Reserve "Monkey Island"

The list of unusual sights of China includes a unique nature reserve, entitled "Monkey Island". It can be found a few kilometers from the city of Sanya.

"Monkey Island" is Unique and only place where you can see a lot of monkeys living in a natural environment and at the same time interact with them. The reserve occupies a territory of 1,000 hectares, on which more than 2,000 monkeys live.

Tourists can go to the island with a cable car, which is even separate from the reserve is a landmark. The road will take no more than 6 minutes, during which travelers will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the mountain peaks and sea.

Visiting the reserve, tourists must adhere to several simple rules. For example, better Do not take a camera and brilliant decorations, as they attract increased attention of the inhabitants of the reserve. Besides, It is forbidden to feed monkeys. The best option will be acquired by treating and give it a zoo employee who feeds the wards in front of tourists. On the way back, you can visit the water restaurant offering visitors squeezed dishes.

Forbidden city

Forbidden City – this The second name of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, which was built in 1420. The palace changed 24 owners of the former emperors of China, living in the territory of the Forbidden City with their family.

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This name of the Palace is due to the fact that In addition to the emperor and his nearest environment, no one could enter its territory. The palace began to erect in 1406. Construction lasted 14 years and demanded more than a million talented builders. In his decoration, a lot of artists and masters of carving on a tree and stone participated, thanks to which the palace gained his wonderful appearance.

Today, the Forbidden City is included in the list of the best attractions of the country and is under the protection of UNESCO. The imperial palace has a rectangular shape, includes 9,9999 buildings and covers an area of ​​72 hectares.

Temple of refuge soul

One of the oldest Buddhist temples called the soul refuge can be detected on the western slope of the Mount Fayley, Located in the south-east of China. The creator of the temple is the Indian monk named Hui Lee. The construction of this unique structure began in 326, and over the next 16th centuries has repeatedly been subjected to reconstructions and alterations.

The modern view of the temple acquired in the 17th century, during the rule of the Qing dynasty. The temple has 3 main hall: Hall of Heavenly Vladyk, Where can I find 700 year old Buddha statue, Hall Mahavira, which has a traditional style design and boasts a golden buddha statue, Hall of healing Buddha, where the buddha statue on both sides is surrounded by sculptures dedicated to the Sun and the Moon.

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