What to visit in Chile

The first place to visit is the statue of Christ the Redeemer of the Andes, This statue is already more than a hundred years separates the border of the two states of Chile and Argentina, before these countries could not find the exact its borders, and it went to war, but later turned out to negotiate and a peace treaty was signed about this statue. If you want to feel like you are on another planet, be sure to visit the Valle de la Luna, a large cluster of start-up, mixed with salt and surrounded by high cliffs make the landscape not the usual maximum. A lot of the most beautiful landscapes of this place attract thousands of tourists each year, rock, covered with salt, dry lakes and much more make this a unique place in the truth.

Also Chile is known for the whole world is not an ordinary island that is called title Easter Island. It has ten meter statues from volcanic sand, which is a formidable look Watching the ocean, No one who does not know exactly how these statues got there and why, such mysteriousness and attracts many tourists.

Also, being in Chile should be visited and Lauka National Park, This reserve was will introduce Lists of UNESCO and has a size of one hundred thirty-seven hectares, a variety of caves and lakes in the reserve, the most famous lake has a type of Titicaca.

Still in chili it is impossible not to visit Magdalena Island, Since it is completely populated by African penguins, if you always wanted to make a couple of pictures of penguins in their natural habitat, you definitely need here.

If you wish to relax peacefully, then you should visit Botanical Garden Vinya del Mar, Two hundred eighty types of trees and more than a thousand, species of other plants are placed on its territory, and picnics are located in the botanical garden.

What to visit in Chile

Also a great place to rest can be called Pumalin National Park, Beautiful nature, which is combined with a beautifully built infrastructure. Many pedestrian walkways, camping places and even shop and small coffee. If you want sharp sensations, visit Volcano fucking del Salado, This is the biggest volcano in the world, and on his top there are snow caps.

And if you want to feel in a postpocliament film, then visit, Miner’s Ghosts Hamberston and Santa Laura. Enterprises abandoned due to bankruptcy, and so remained in the Atakam Desert, now there are many excursions. Also visit the statue called Hand desert, The statue was built as a memo what person can be defenseless in the desert, the statue of itself is a hand sticking out of the sand.

Chili one of the most Unusual places in the world, only there is both glaciers and deserts, beautiful forests and giant volcanoes, visiting Chile, you will remain exactly satisfied.

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