What to visit in Bulgaria

The first unusual architectural structure that is worth visiting is Fortress Tsarevets, This is a small castle hotel, in which you will be very efficient, the place itself &# 8211; Real Historic Fortress, with High Walls and Towers.

After visiting the fortress we advise you to visit Roman amphitheater, which was built in the second century of our era of the Roman emperor trady.

Also be sure to visit Museum of wine, In the museum there are two places for wine tasting and also a place where you can find out the history of wine, in the museum there is about twelve thousand of various wines from all over the world, and the museum itself is located near the beautiful artificial reservoir.

Also a great place to visit will be Ruins of the old town of Plici, On the old town you can wander for hours, as its area is two thousand three hundred hectares.

If you want to see a real medieval fortress with Rips and large walls, then come to Baba fortress, In the fortress you can visit her towers, an ancient prison museum, where real tools of torture are recreated and even to see a real gallows and guns, also in the summer in his walls you can get to the theater exhibition.

Also be sure to visit Valley Roses, If you visit Bulgaria from May to June, you can enjoy the beautiful picture of fabulous gardens and a tens of thousands of roses not forgotten aroma.

What to visit in Bulgaria

Also visit A small town of Veliko Tarnovo, Real city Reserve with an excellent story in it you fish dozens not ordinary memos and beautiful nature with the clean.

Also if you like nature, visit Kamchiya Reserve, This is not an ordinary, and the biosphere reserve, all plants and trees in it are protected by law, more than two hundred different not ordinary plants and the river not touching the river in the eight hundred forty hectares.

Also insanely beautiful and interesting place is Fortress of Belogradchik, Her truly beautiful rocks and picturesque landscapes are connected to the ancient fortress, which was built in the first century of our era, walking around this place, you seem to fall during antiquity.

Also visit one of the most important holy insidual Bulgaria, Rozhensky Monastery, Built in the ninth century, the temple itself represents a large fortress, and inside can be found a unique icon of the Virgin Mary.

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