What to visit and look at Goa in 2020?

Goa is one of the popular states of India, which is located in the south of the country.

It is here who comes annually tourists from a variety of world. Such an interest may be due to the fact that there are quite low prices here, a large number of attractions and a variety of sandy beaches.

In addition, Goa is considered one of the most suitable places for the seaside resort in winter.

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What to look at Goa?

Goa is a cultural and entertainment center that will be an excellent place to rest both for young people and for families with children.

It is highly revered by religion, cultural values, ancient traditions and history.

In addition, India is considered one of the most mysterious and attractive places. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature, fabulous landscapes and leisure on sandy beaches.

Certainly you need to visit the state capital – Panji.

The city has an amazing architecture that displays the entire history and culture of the Indian people. All these attractions can be viewed on the bike.

Attractions of India

India is a wonderful valley that stores its cultural values, culture and customs.

Given the scale of the country, there are tens of thousands of the most attractive attractions. Look at them from year to year tourists come from different countries of the earth hemisphere.

Most popular and famous:

  1. Taj Mahal – Mausoleum from white marble, built in Agre Emperor, in honor of his deceased wife.
  2. Adjant caves &# 8212; Buddhist art repository, where Buddha is depicted.
  3. Fort Jaisalmer – One of the most beautiful fortresses in India, built on a 80-meter hill.
  4. Golden Temple Harmandir Sahib – one of the most significant churches of the country, the road to which lies through a narrow marble bridge, through which only the righteous.

What to visit on Goa?

To get acquainted with Indian culture, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive excursions every time.

In fact, in India there are a large number of attractions that can be viewed, just walking around the city.

An independent trip is the best solution for those who do not like to be limited in time, hurry, walking behind the crowd and listen long guide stories.

Also, attending interesting places on your own, you can significantly save, as the inspection of most attractions are absolutely free (with the exception of some).

For example, you can select the top three, which you can view first:

  1. One of the first places, who should be visited on Goa – these are beaches. They are especially beautiful in the northern part.
  2. Big Foot – This two-year-old museum is considered the most visited from all available, since he keeps the history of the ancestors of the Indian people. It is believed that arriving at this museum, which is in the open sky, you can touch and learn the mysteries of the legend about Big Foot. In addition, you will be treated with local bread and liqueur, infused on cashew nuts.
  3. Walk along the river Zuari. Traveling through this river, you can see crocodiles. Then close to the river are spice plantations, you can see how they are grown and cared.

Top attractions of Goa

Moreover, Goa is considered one of the most popular places for tourists and travelers.

It may be due to the fact that here the most amazing beaches, crystal clear sea, a large number of places for entertainment and cultural attractions.

The main attractions of Goa – These are temples, churches, museums, wip-nature spaces, reserves, architectural monuments and parks. Especially many of them on old goa.

It may be due to the fact that here the most amazing beaches, crystal clear sea, a large number of places for entertainment and cultural attractions.

As a rule, the state is usually divided into two parts: North and South Goa.

Each of them has a huge number of places of attractions, interesting places for visiting and excursions, recreation and entertainment. As well as institutions where you can try national Indian cuisine with spices and spices.

As for the southern part of Goa, it is customary to be considered a suitable place for beach and seafood.

In addition, there is a big variety of hotels, from class "Economy" to the class "Lux". And for those who wish to get acquainted with culture and attractions, in the southern part of Goa there are such interesting places:

Church of St. Francis of Assis

Church of St. Francis of Assis

This is a wonderful architectural structure More than one hundred years.

Here are the relics of St. Francis of Assisi, who was the Rodonachal of Christianity in many Asian countries, including India. It is in his honor a church named.

Cotao Reserve

This is a great distant from civilization a place where the most diverse wild animals live.

The need to build this reserve arose in the last century in order to protect wild jungle and rare animals, the number of which was reduced due to illegal activities of poachers.

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In this area, the Mandov River flows, which is divided into three separate streams, feeding with 300 cells of the meter height.

Temple Mahadev

This is a small building dedicated to God Shiva. Built it in the 13th century from granite stone.

Dudkhsagar waterfall

Translated from Indian Language "Dudchsagar" means "Milk Ocean", which waterfall really reminds.

The northern part of Goa is very different from South, here are quiet and calmly many temples and architectural monuments.

It is worth noting that in the north the cheapest hotels and good peace-loving people.

Arriving here, you need to visit the places below.

Night Market Arrow

Arrow market is one of the most beloved and visited places by tourists who arrive in the search for souvenirs, Indian spices and spices.

Night Market Arrow

Also walking in the market, day and night, here you can listen to live music performed by local musicians.

Moreover, a variety of fairs are regularly held in this market, where you can try Indian cuisine, acquire jewelry and clothing.

Baga Beach, Calangute

What to visit and look at Goa in 2020

Favorite Beaches of Youth and Fans of Parties.

It is always crowded here and fun, as the most diverse contests and parties are held.

Just 20 meters from them are a variety of bars, cafes, shops and restaurants, both from Indian cuisine and from European.

Sri Bhagwati Temple

The temple was built over five centuries ago, but his genuine story is unknown so far.

However, the temple is valid and more than 30 go here.000 believers on major holidays – County and Dussel.

Excursions in Goa – Prices and destinations

Excursion for one day is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the sights and cultural values ​​of Goa.

Tourists offer several types of excursions:

  • "ALL INCLUSIVE" &# 8212; This excursion for one day includes the maximum number of visits to interesting places, including waterfalls, jungle, reserves, temples and churches. Also at your service is provided a walk on elephants and food. The average cost of the excursion is from 100 to 200 dollars .
  • Ride to the northern part of Goa. Your attention is given the opportunity to visit the capital of Panja, including temples, churches and architectural attractions. In addition, visit the night or day market, to witness a cultural and entertainment show and try Indian cuisine. And of course, relax on one of the northern beaches of Goa. The cost of excursion is from 150 to 300 dollars .
  • Walk around the sea. By choosing this tour, you can travel by sea, look at dolphins in the open sea. And also your access is provided with masks and other water equipment. Average trip cost from 40 to 100 dollars .
  • Skating on elephants. This is one of the most beloved tourist excursions, as the walk through the reserve is performed on specially trained elephants. The cost of walking is from 35 to 60 dollars .

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Unusual sights

Excursions that offer tour operators have a sufficiently high cost, so not every tourist can afford them.

In this case, you can make sightseeing on our own.

Firstly, it’s cheap, and secondly – it is interesting and entertaining, besides, you have the opportunity to distribute time as you are comfortable and not to rush anywhere.

For example, you can allocate the three most unusual places of Goa:

  1. Old Goa. This little town is located near the capital Panji. It is interesting because there is a large number of temples, architectural monuments, old buildings, which have been preserved from the 16th century.
  2. Hampp City. The city itself is very small, but nevertheless incredibly beautiful and fascinating. It preserved most of the buildings and old palaces, which were built several centuries ago. Also visiting temples free.
  3. Kandolima. If you are a fans of fishing and sea walks, then you just need to visit this small city. Here you can rent a boat, to divide, ride water shines or just spend time resting on the beach. Moreover, not far from the main beach there is a fish market where you can buy a fish price from 5 to 100 rupees.

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The most interesting places of Northern Goa

The northern part of Goa is a quiet and peaceful place with soft sandy beaches and the purest sea water.

In addition, this part is famous for attractions such as:

  • Kerkar – This is an exhibition gallery of arts, where you can look at the work of modern artists and sculptors. Also on the territory of the gallery quite often organized evenings of modern Indian dances.
  • Paradais Beach. This beach has the most picturesque bay, transparent water and beautiful nature around. Moreover, you can come here on any day, people are relatively few, as the majority of tourists do not know about this beach.
  • Fortress Aguada. There is this attraction near Kandolim Beach on his outskirts. The construction is quite old, but inside you will not be allowed, because at the present time there is a prison for prisoners.

Attractions of South Goa

The southern part of Goa is famous for its palm groves, wide beaches, as well as infrastructure develops a rapid way.

Recently, new luxury hotels were built, fashionable nightclubs and shopping centers.

Arriving on vacation here, you can inspect the following sights:

  • The city of Margao. This place is considered the second most important after the capital of Panja. There is a huge number of historical monuments of the Indian people, which you can explore, just walking through the streets of the city. Also, fairs, picture shows are regularly held here, and if you arrived on the day off, you will certainly be visited by one of the local bazaars, where you can purchase a wide variety of souvenirs and clothing.
  • Beach "Butterfly". During the flowering period of plants on this beach, a huge number of beautiful butterflies accumulates. Such beauty should certainly see.
  • The city of Kolva – is one of the busiest and noisy sites of southern Goa. Here are the most fashionable nightclubs, restaurants, beach parties are held daily.

Popular hotels

Hotel Taj Exotica

On the territory of Goa, you can allocate several of the most popular hotels where you can stay:

  • TAJ EXOTICA – 5 stars, southern part, Benaulim;
  • Radisson Blu Resort, Goa &# 8212; 5 stars, southern part, Quelossim;
  • Ramada Caravela Beach Resort – 5 stars, southern part, cooking;
  • Goa Marriott Resort & SPA – 5 stars, northern part, Panaji;
  • The O Resort & SPA &# 8212; 5 stars, kandolim;
  • Resort Rio &# 8212; 5 stars, northern part, andjuna.

Tourist stories about Goa

&# 171; every winter we go to rest on Goa.

Like unobtrusive atmosphere, beautiful nature, clean sea and affordable prices for recreation. Most liked the beach in Calangut.

Special thanks I want to express to local Indians, a very friendly and friendly people!&# 187;

&# 171; Goa causes mixed feelings.

On the one hand, beautiful nature, clean beaches, expensive and comfortable hotels with all the services, the mass of interesting places for excursions, as well as clubs and parties. Liked the colorful and creative village of Arabol. But on the other hand, the explicit and noticeable low standard of life of the Indians, many streets of Neubrana.

So it combines beauty and richly with poverty and not well-kept.&# 187;

You can often find contradictory reviews, but this island will not leave anyone indifferent.

What to visit and look at Goa in 2020

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